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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Welcome to October!!

Welcome to October!!!
Welcome to October!!!The MLB playoff's are upon us. They kickoff today with all but the Mets and Dodgers playing today. The Twins and A's kick it off today at noon central time. I already spoke about the AL playoffs and how I see the Twins and A's being the best series. I will speak about the NL aka Al-lite league. The first series that is gonna be played today in the NL is the San Diego Padres vs the Cardinals. Last time this to met in the playoffs the Cardinals beat down the Padres. This year is a different story, the Padres are the superior team this year with the better rotation and better bullpen. The Cardinals limped their way into the playoffs and almost being over taken by the Astros. I give the Cardinals one game, because if they keep it close and the Albert the Great comes up, they will win. My prediction is Padres in 3 games. The Mets and the Dodgers is the best series in the NL. The Mets were dealt the blow of not having Pedro to pitch at all. Pedro might not ever pitch again because of a Torn Rotator cuff. The Mets were the pick to go to the World Series with Pedro, now they are in doubt. Their lineup is still the best in the NL with Delgado, Beltran, and Wright in the middle not to mention Reyes at the top. What was gonna be another strength the rotation is not a huge weakness, El Duque, Glavine, Traschel, does not scare anyone! The Dodgers are a team on a roll, over coming a huge deficit in the NL West to win the Wildcard. They are hot, they have good mix of veterans and young players. The rotation is better because of Lowe, Maddox, and Penny. I think Nomar will be key because he has swung the hot bat against the Mets. The Dodgers also have some guys who can produce runs with their legs such as Furcal and Lofton. I give the Series to the Dodgers in 5 games. I think it will be a good series with alot of close games but I think the Dodger Rotation overcomes the Mets Lineup. More baseball news, As everyone excepted the Marlins fired Joe Girardi after a great season as Marlins manager. The bridge between management and Joe was never strong. They did not agree on personel moves and ultimately it lead to Joe's termination. The move might prompt the Cubs to hire Girardi because of his Chicago ties to the Cubs. Freddi Gonzalez the Braves third base coach is most likely to succeed to Joe in Florida. He is a Miami guys and he has roots in the Marlins organization. A move that did suprise me was that President of Cubs Andy McPhail resigned from his position yesterday. This comes as a shock because he gave Jim Hendry the two year extension last offseason. His fate was supposed to be linked to Hendry's, now Hendry is on his own to try and put together a winner. Hendry has alot issues to address in the offseason such as the WHOLE TEAM!MNF- Packers vs EaglesEveryone thought it would be a blowout and it turned out to be one. The first half however the Eagles were in danger of losing the game. Which makes me believe that they are not the Best team in the NFC East. They cannot play a full game of good football, which is what you need to do to win it all in the NFL. The Eagles should have sat on the pass on Defense with Green being hurt, and ended this game earlier. The Packers are a young bad team with too many young players. Brett needs a running game otherwise they have to pass way to much. The Packers are in rebuilding mode. Brett was injuried late in the game, he came out. Aaron Rodgers came in only to show Packer fan that it is not getting any better when Brett retires any time soon. That's it for now


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