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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rangers will Win 2008 World Series

The reason for this title is simply because Buck Showwalter got fired. If you have noticed the trend that after Buck manages a team, and he get fired they end up winning the World Series. Buck Managed the Yankees before they started their last string of World Series Championships ending in 2000,He managed the DBack in 2001 before Bob Brenly took over the next year and they defeated the Yankees in the World Series. I am ofcourse joking because unless the Rangers find some pitching they are gonna make the playoffs. Maybe they can pick up some National pitchers, the Nats released 5 pitchers yesterday, namedly Zach Day. Zach Day should have been traded by Jim Bowden during the deadline last year. Jom Bowden should be voted as worse GM last year next to Dave Little field, who always get hosed in his trades. Speaking GM's you see the smartest ones in this year's Postseason, Billy Beane, Brian Cashman, Terry Ryan, Omar Minya, and Ned Coletti. These Gm's made deals that got them into the playoffs in the recent past.

Brian Cashman of the Yankees did not panic and trade away the young kids for this future of the season, which is a first for the Yankees. He added Bobby Abreu, Greg Wilson, and Cory Lidle for the stretch run for relatively nothing at all. He did not trade away any prized prospects for these players. Cashman ran the team without the Boss making the big decisions for a bad aging superstar.

Billy Beane of the A's took a chance on aging veteran player in Frank Thomas, who made him look like a genius he out MVP type numbers in the regular Season. He also provided the power in Game 1 of the Division playoff against the Twins. Thomas batted 270 avg, 39hrs and 114 RBI's . Billy Beane genius goes beyond this season by trading away Mark Mulder, Tim Hudson, for Kiko Calero and Danny Haren as the players involved in the deal. The A's look like they got better end of the deal with Hudson haveing a bad year, Mulder got hurt in his free agent year and seems to be chronically injured. He also did the smart thing in keeping Barry Zito, who outpitched Santana in Game 1. Zito will leave via free agency this offseason for huge money.

Terry Ryan of the Twins made some good moves by aquiring Joe Nathan Boof Bosner, Liriano, in the AJ Pierzynski deal, a few years back. His team has made the playoffs 3 out of the last 4 years. He also got Brad Radke to resign with the Twins along with Johan Santana. He did have some errors in signing Rondell White and Tony Baustia. Being a small market team, they have to find cheaper sources of power as opposed to other teams.

Omar Miniya benefited the most from the Florida Marlins Fire sale getting La Duca, and Delgado from the Marlins. He is not afraid to spend the Mets money by getting Carlos Beltran to sign with the Mets, along with the recently injured Pedro Martinez. He is not afraid to get veterans such Mota, El Dugue who tore his calf yesterday, and Shawn Green.

The last Gm who I consider one of the best Gm's in this season Ned Coletti came into LA to fix the mess that Paul Deposta created before him. He went out and signed veteran players, such as Nomar, and Kenny Lofton. He gave Rafel Furcal a huge deal to be the leadoff man. In the middle of the season Ned went out and got Wilson Betemit, and Greg Maddox to help his team and propelled them to the playoff's in the Wild card spot.

These GM's did what it took to make the playoff, do they have enough to make the World Series, we shall see in the next few weeks. I mention Bob Brenly earlier who has been rumored to be interviewing for SF Giants job and rumors of a possible Jim Fergusi return has also been said. I stated the other day that the Mets will lose to the Dodgers and will all the injuries that have been happening to the Mets, I can see the Mets losing before the World Series now more than ever. The Astros also have extended Phi Garner till 2008. I think this is a bad move, Phil Garner teams thus far have dug huge holes in first half and needed a huge turn around in the second half to make the post season. I guess this leave the possiblity of the Cubs signing this idiot out of the question! Interesting observation that Steve Philips is calling the METS game for ESPN because he was a horrible GM for the METS. Btw I miss Bobby V on Baseball tonight!!!
Well I am done for now with Baseball, there will be more to come possibly today, and I will talk football about the MESS that is the TITANS and the QB situations around the league along with some key matchups


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