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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Monday, October 02, 2006
So I am changing the format of this site. This site is now going to be Sports Orientated, no more sissy blogs about how I am feeling and how my love life was going. Just sports and maybe some life experiences!!! The suburbs of chicago is where i am from. I am a diehard Bears Fan, a converated Cubs Fan but I am do not Hate the White Soxs. My format change was inspired by Bill Simmons book Now I Can Die in Peace. I recomend that sports fan read it.
My first topic of choice is the Bears, as we know the Bears are now 4-0 after Beating up on Seattle Seahawks who were the supposely the cream of the NFC crop. The Seahawks were dealt a blow by losing the reigning MVP Shaun Alexander, however can he make 31 point difference? I do not think so. The Bears finally get some major media coverage by playing NBC and they took full advantage of it. Everyone knows that the Bears had a great defense but Rex Grossman shined on the national spotlight going 7 of 31 passes for 232 yards with 2 touchdowns, no interceptions and a 100.5 passer rating. He hit moose and Bernard Berrian who SI called the Bears Potential breakout player. The debate today on most sports shows if not all was "Are the Bears the BEST TEAM in the NFL"? The answer is YES! Now I know I am homer for saying yes but I will give a few reasons why I believe they are. The Defense! The Defense has not allowed a regular season TD in 8 home games, this excluded the Steve Smith onslaught last year in the playoffs. The defense causes turnovers, Tommie Harris had the crucial strip in the vikings game, Ricky Manning JR two picks of pro-bowler Matt Hasselback are just two have caused or recover turnovers. The next reason is the Offense, last year the Bears were a running with Thomas Jones being the workhorse of the Bears, now the Bears appear to have balance led by a healthy Rex Grossman who looks like the 1st round pick the Bears invested in him. Defense believes in the offense and the final reason is special teams, Devin Hester is a TD return waiting to happen on Special teams. Steve Young AGREED WITH ME on Monday night count-down.
I can see how people view Indy as the best team because they are also 4-0 but Indy's defense will not be there when it counts and their running game has just started to get on track. Peyton Manning is a great QB and is best at running the two minute drill, so most people believe with him at the helm they are the best team. Indy will be a great regualar season team but the playoffs will exploit their weekends and another AFC contender such as the Ravens, Bengals, and Pats will exploit it. I am not saying that Bears will win the Super Bowl but I am saying after 4-0 games they are the best team in the NFL.
Moving on to Baseball the playoffs are upon us with the regular season just ending, but yet another steriod scandal has put the never ending cloud of doubt on two great pitchers, one being the Rocket Roger Clemens. In the affavidat that was blackout, naming the players that the Grim reaper-Jason Grimsely gave to the FBI has named Roger Clemens as a user of banned substances. I can see the arguement in that the Rocket was at the twlight of his career when the Duke-Dan Duquette let him leave Boston. He then shows in Tornoto and goes on to win two cy young awards. As the story goes he then goes to the Yankees and helps them win the World Series against the METS, then ultimately retires and unretires 2 times. He is 40 something and has the lowest era in baseball. Granted it is in the AL-lite division the NL but still it raises some questions. This is striking Barry Bonds has been an amazing in 40's and everyone questions him and all his records. I hate the race card being played on Barry but he brings it out by being an asshole. Could it be the Roger is beloved and Barry is so hated? We may never know.
The playoffs will feature the Twins vs A's which will be the best series in the playoffs. I think the best pitcher in baseball Johan Santana vs the MVP candiate Frank Thomas. The Twins and the A's are the scariest teams in the playoffs and it is sad they have to play in first round. It means we will see the yankees make the ALDS again which I hate but it is true. Detroit will win as main games as the lions have won this year which is zero. I will discuss the NL playoffs tomorrow.
Lastly tonight: some house cleaning is being down around Baseball: Boston fired pitching and hitting coaches. The Giants parted way with Felipe Alou, Cubs with Dusty Baker, and the Nats with Frank Robinson. Three great africian managers will be lookig for new jobs. Tomorrow will be about possible replacement in Chicago because I have no info on the other two. Feedback welcome!!


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