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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Terrible Titans, the Cincy Criminals, and Dallas Downers

Football is a violent sport, we all know this but now the NFL seems like a place for crimnals. The reason football players commit alot of crimes is because they can get away with them. The reason being football players get special treatment well actually all sports athletes do. The lineman for Titans Albert Haynesworth is a psycho!! You heard me say it, the guy stepped on another players head with his spikes and the guy wasn't wearing his helmet. This Haynesworth should be in JAIL, but because he is a football player even if he gets jail time, he will be able to serve it when he wants and get off early. This guy has a history of hitting people in the face, he kicked his own teammate in theface during training camp. This guy was wearing his helmet. From one nut to another, Koren Robinson of the Packers is going to jail for his second DUI conviction but he can serve his time, after this season and get half off his sentence with a work release! I mean this guy could kill someone while driving drunk and he gonna get off EARLY!! Now moving on to the biggest circus/ psycho in football; TO makes me sick and I think all his actions are all for SHOW!! He is a great player on the field but he causes so many problems off the field and with his team that he is not worth the risk. YES, I loved the end zone dances but being deactivated and the whole sucide thing not good! He also has the circus with Eagles, Ravens, and 49ers. In case people do not know before he got traded to the Eagles, he was traded to Ravens but he did not report and would not report. So the league pretty much got him what he wanted and he was sent to the Eagles. TO can only behave for so long and soon he will ruin Dallas! Remember Randy Moss he seems like a model citizen compared to TO right now, he has been rather quiet. He just thinks his team doesn't care and everyone tends to agree with him. THE RAIDERS SUCK!!!! The Cincy Criminals are a team who should be destined for the AFC title game if not the SUPERBOWL, but all there off the field problems with Chris Henry and Odel Thurman. Odel Thurman who is out for the year got arrested for a DUI, while Chris Henry was so Drunk he puked out the back window!! Eventually Henry got suspended by his team but he has been arrested three times before that. It is sad that these players are giving a much improved team such a bad name!! One thing that I will never forget was about Jamal Lewis a few years back maybe even three years ago. He was arrested for soliciting drugs. He was sentenced in the offseason and he was moved from one prison to another in order to partake in training camp.

The series by ESPN Playmakers was show that was about football, it displayed the true side of football players in all aspects on and off the field. The NFL used its influence and had the show cancelled because it was unrealistic aka IT WAS TOO REALISTIC!!

Now moving on to the positives in Football.. My favorite team the Bears welcome in the Buffalo Bills and Richard Dent on Comcast sports calls this game a "HomeComing". I think this game is gonna be no slouch. The Bills beat the Vikings last week, if you remember the Vikings have been the closest game the Bears have played this year. I think the Bears will win but they welcome back former coach Dick Jauron. Dick has done a good job in Buffalo thus far. I think Buffalo's defense will be alright but they will let up the big play. The Bears thus far have capitalized on the big play all year with Rex going deep to either Moose or Berrian. I think defense will shut down the Bills running game. This puts the ball in JP Losman's hands. Losman will be forced to go to the air and the Bears hawking ability will force a turnover and take it to the House!! So my prediction on this game is a Bears Win 21-6. The Bills will muster two field goals but nobody scores TDs at solider field against the BEARS. (Selective memory on the Steve Smith playoff game last year and John Kitna's TD this year)

Hockey opened tonight and my thoughts were who cares!! NHL should just be shown in Canada and be done with it. Most american's do not care. If they did the strike two years ago deterred alot of fans from watching the games. I do love Berry Mulhuse with his mullet and his purple suit jacket tonight on sports center.

Rumors out of College Football..........A certain ISU linebacker could make his debut this weekend in Ames against the Corn huskers. He is my best friend, but it has yet to be determined, so key your fingers crossed. Injuries to players higher up on the chart, went down on the 10/4/06. I will give an update later this week.

A little baseball because I am tired of it already today... Mets win on crazy plays and steal game 1 without El Dugue who tore his calf, John Mayne started game 1. The Yankee game was rained out, the series will go longer for Tigers because of the rain delay, it will be over friday, Yankees winning in 3. I will say this it is kind of low that the MLB did not inform the Tigers the game was cancelled and Jason Verlander went out to warmup. This seems a bit fishy to me but proves that MLB favors the Yankees and East Coast Bias that all sports have. You should think about it sometime, who sports and sports center favor the east coast. Anyways, The Twins lost again to A's and look to be about done but the A's have not made it out of the first round in forever. Even when they were up two games to one on the Yankees they lost three straight, so there is still hope in Minnesota.
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