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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Class Acts in Baseball

Now in my blog yesterday, i focused on the negatives of Sports athletes. Tonight showcased one of the class acts in baseball, Tom Glavine. Tom Glavine is one of the greats of the Braves pitching staff in the 90's when there pitching was so good but was never enough. The Braves of 90's only won one World Series in 1995 defeating the Cleveland Indians 4-2 in the series. Tonight he pitched for the NY Mets hoping to return to World Series. He pitched as the Glavine of old moving the ball around and shutting down the Dodgers for 6 innings. Glavine is like his former teammate Greg Maddox, who will pitch for the Dodgers in LA. They both pitched for the Braves in 90's and they both wll be members of 300 win club. Greg Maddox was lastest addition to the 300 win club and Tom Glavine will be the last. Will 290 regular season wins, he the closest person to 300 wins, that has an realistic shot of making it. Tom Glavine has never been in an overpowering pitcher, just hit his spots and got people out. The fact that Glavine and Maddox have never had over powering stuff makes their accomplishments even more special because they pitched during the steriod era. You have to tip your hat, stand and clap when these guys leave a game a especially a playoff game. This could bethe last time we two guys of this stature pitching in the playoffs. Now on to the games that were played, Mets defeated the Dodgers in game 2 of their series. Tom Glavine was masterful in first postseason start as a Met, they would go on to win this game 4-1. The other series in saw the Cardinals defeat the Padres again goign to 8-0 against the Padres in the playoffs. Jeff Weaver went 5 scoreless innings, JEFF WEAVER, the guy the Angels released because he was so BAD. Weaver had not won a playoff game since today. The Padres should be ashamed of themselves by the way they have hit. The Cardinal bullpen was supposed to be bad, and they were lights out against the Padres. The Great Albert Pujols beat them again with another RBI hit. The Cardinals will sweep this series in game three. Moving over to the divison who will produce the World Series Winner, as We know the Twins lost game 2 yesterday. The other Al Central team the Tigers defeated the Yankees at the stadium in a nailing biting game. Jason Verlander pitched a great game goign 5 and 2/3 inngs giving up three runs. The Yankees thought they would be going back to Detroit up two games, when Carlos Guillen tied the game. The Tigers would scratch across another run. The Tigers then would turn it over to their bullpen which was flamethrowing. Joel Zumaya hit 103 mph on the gun and fanned Arod, Shef, and the Giambino- i hate that nickname! The Tigers go home with the momentum and will face a wounded Randy Johnson. He has a herinated disk in his back and has not faired well this year. The Tigers could steal this series much to the dismay of all Yankee and White Sox's Fans. Espn has had major league players on Baseball tonight and by far the best guy on the show is Veron Wells. Gary Matthews seems to be a good analyst also but Eric Brynes is nuts and was very erratic on the air. I don't know why ESPN is doing that but whatever works. Eric Brynes was better than Brett Boone who did the Yankees Red Sox Series in 2002 and he was so bad they need to beg him to speak, when he did it was one word answers with no live or insight. I wish they would bring back Al Leiter who has awesome in the postseason showing grips on pitches and explaining why pitches were thrown. Get anyone out there to take the place of JOE i SUCK!! He is horrible, Fox has him calling baseball and football games now give me a break! Get the guy who does his voice on the holiday inn commericals to do games! Well thank god I am not working for any company yet, otherwise I would have gotten fired for talking like that. Jason Whitlock of ESPN Page 2 got fired for just that. CAN I HAVE HIS JOB??? Also Harold Renyolds got fired for giving somebody a hug and it was viewed as sexual. Come ON, did he grab her butt when he hugged her, I don't know but that's life. Everything has to be PC Now.

Moving on to the NFL,
the TO circus needs to end and hopefully after this weekend, will not hear anything else about him. I want Brian Dawkins to blow him up and get it over with. I am done with this story. This week promises to an interesting week of football. The battle of California supermacy between two of the worst teams in football the Raiders and 49ers. I think the 49ers will beat the Raiders who like the Lions will make two teams still winless. The Team most likely to stay undefeated will be the Bears because they have the easiest schedule of the undefeated teams. They have the Bills, Cardinals, 49ers, and Dolphins in consecutives games. The only team that maybe make me nervous as a Bears fan is the Bills because after a huge win against the SeaHawks they can ill afford a let down. The other big game will be for defending Champs Steelers agaist the San Diego Super Chargers, now MartyBall may have lost them the game last week, need to a win more than ever to regain their swagger. Look for the game to be won in the trenches with whoever wins that battle wins the game. Now on to the psycho's for Albert Haynesoworth WILL NOT FACE Criminal Charges!! ARE you kidding me?? This guy need help, for whatever reason he tired to stomp a players head in. The brotherhood of football, should get this guy out. Alrighty enough for night
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