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Friday, October 06, 2006

A revelation!!

So I am admitt I was a skeptic before this NFL season started, The Bears had not done much to wow me. They did sign Brian Griese that was a plus in my eyes because of the history of Rex Grossman. I thought the signing of Ricky Manning Jr was a stretch. The draft I was fuming about, we did not take one offensive player!!! Our achilles heel the year before was our offense, we did not pass well at all. So what did we do in the draft, we traded out of the first round and took a DII All American with our first pick!! Come ON!!!! Thank GOD I am not running the team right now, Rex Grossman has been the comeback player of the year and the MVP of the league. Desmond Clark has made the Tight end a good pass catcher again. The last pass catching Tight end that comes to mind before this season was Keith Jennings. The was in The Wide Receivers decided to come to play especially Benard Berrian, who is the breakout player of the year. The Bears found somebody to line up alongside Moose finally! Now what the Bears need to do is GIVE LOVIE a new deal! He is the lowest paid coach in the NFL north and the longest tenured. Lovie has brought his cover 2 and install it along with Ron Turner's offense and the Bears are the Best team in the NFL. I applaud the Bears Front Office!!

I spoke about class acts and I failed to mention the starter of the Twins today. Brad Radke was pitching with a Torn Labrum and a broken socket in his arm today. He took less money to stay in Minnesota and played his whole career with them. He is a rarity that show loyality to a small market team. He could have take the his spot on the DL and just faded away into retirement, he decided to gut it out for his team, he help with their climb back into contention and ultimately to the playoffs. It is sad that his career will end with being swept out of the playoffs by the A's. Brad Radke you are a class act and tough competitor and get my applause and good luck with retirement.


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