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Monday, May 14, 2007


I'm BACK!! School is now over, so I have time now to Blog. Coaching is over for this year and it was a great experience! I was proud of some of the guys who ran well this past weekend at conference, namely Dingo and Damon. The other distance runners who performed well I excepted their performances. I will also say the times were slower distance wise. The winning times and scoring times were the weakest, I have seen in my tenure with the MC track team.

Speaking of Returns, the Rocket's return to baseball is in my opinion STUPID!! I DON'T care about the Rocket, I HOPE HE GETS SHELLED every time out. The Yankees spent money on a 46 year old pitcher, who pitched in the NL central the last two years. I hope his ERA 6.00 or higher! All this BS about him getting special privileges is wrong, stop bringing this guy back! This guy is not above the team not even the Yankees.

On to Chicago baseball, Both teams are .500 or close to it. They both have major problems that were strengths last season. First the White Sox, the power hitters, Konerko, Dye, and Thome are not hitting. Konerko is in a slump and in 2003, he hit like this all year, so it should be a concern. Dye is thinking about all the money the ANGELS are going to pay him next year-He is going to protect Vlad next season. I guarantee Dye will be signed by them this off season. Thome has been on DL which is hurting production.

The Cubs are a different story their strength last season was their bullpen. This year they are horrible, everyone is SCREAMING for changes, yet nobody knows why the bullpen is so bad. I of course have the reason why the bullpen sucks. Last season, they were overworked, the Cubs starters were awful last year and Dusty Baker uses his bullpen more than anyone in baseball year. Could that have some affect? By the way Will Ohman needs to be RELEASED every time he comes into a game, he gives up RUNS! The Cubs need to get rid of this guy whether it is: demote, release, or shoot him!

Lastly Football,

The Bears draft was okay in my mind. I wanted a wide receiver from USC and I thought Garrett Wolfe was a reach. I saw they signed Darius Walker from ND but I can't find it any where. I might be seeing things.

More to come in the near future


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