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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Super Bowl MVP

As I watched some Tv today, I saw that Peyton Manning will be on David Letterman this week. Dave will play up Peyton being Super Bowl MVP during the show. If the Colts won the game, Peyton being the media darling and the focus of attention was a lock to win the MVP of that game regardless of how he played. I think that it was unfairly awarded to Peyton based on his name and not on his performance during the game.

The MVP is somebody who changes the game, who carries his team, who leads his team on the game winning drive and helps score the game winning Touchdown or field goal. Peyton did not do any of those things. Peyton was good going 25 of 38 for 247, 1 TD and 1 int. He ,however, was not great, most of his passes were dump offs to his running backs Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes. These two back carried the Colts offense.

Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes deserved to be CO-MVPs of this football game. Peyton dumped the ball to them and they made the most of when they had the ball. Addai had 10 catches for 66 yards and 77 rushing yards. Rhodes was a great on the ground going for 113 yards and 1 touchdown. Both men made the first Bears defender miss their initial tackle attempt and protected the ball extremely well. Without their elusiveness the Colts would have not won the football game. If the Bears would have tackled them right away, Peyton would been forced to go down the field more. Both men helped the Colts control the clock and wear down the Bears defense. These men took the place of Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison who were very quiet during the game. The Colts won that Super Bowl because of ADDAI, Rhodes, and their O-LINE. Peyton got the backs the ball and they did the REST. Any QUARTERBACK could have done what Peyton did, that's why he did not deserve the MVP. ADDAI and Rhodes would have been my choice for MVP.

Peyton played smart football and Will be the best Quarterback of all time statistically but SHOULD NOT BE THE MVP of SUPERBOWL XLI.


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