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Monday, January 15, 2007

The Bolts were SHOCKED by the BRADY BUNCH

As LT walked off the field, he did something that was not an LT move, he went after some Patriots players. The reason LT gave us was some Patriots were showing up the Chargers by doing the "lights out" dance. LT did everything he could to try and get is Chargers to the AFC title game, it was not enough. His pro-bowl kicker Nate Kaeding misses a 54 yard field goal wide right.

This game was filled with turnovers on both sides of the ball. The guy who rose above those turnovers was who else- but Tom Brady. Brady might be the best the Clutch player in all of sports currently. I think Michael Jordan or Joe Montana are still in class higher than Brady.

Brady got it done when it counted and led his Patriots to another AFC title game.

Other notes from the game, Michael "the burner" Turner will a starter in this league soon. The Chargers will not be able to keep the former NIU running back because of the money it will take.

Poor Marty Schottenheimer, he just cannot win the Big game. He has been the number 1 seed 4 times and not made the Superbowl. What's next for Marty who knows? As for the Bolts their new focus is the draft. For the Pats, next up is the Colts and Peyton. The Pats are all smiles about that!!


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