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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fire Matt Millen

It has come to this..... A walk out against the Bears to hopefully get the attention of Will Ford. Fire Matt Millen! I am Bears fan so I love to see Detriot suffer. I also feel for them because the Bears were in a similar situation some years ago. This sad era started against the Bears in the old Metrodome.

Stoney Case dropped back to pass and was hit by R.W. McQuarters who forced the fumbled. Paul Edginer then hit a 51 yard field goal to knock the Lions out of the playoffs. That was the last time the Lions even sniffed the playoffs.

Bring in Matt Millen, who has bumbled draft after draft. He picked Joey Harrington who was a bust, picked THREE wide receivers in a row, Charles Rodgers, Roy Williams, and Mike Williams all busts. Roy Williams shows flashes of talent but he can't do it all himself.

Lions fans are so discussed they have made a website and are now trying to organize a walkout.

Thank goodness, I am a Bears fan, we are worried about the playoffs, the Lions are worried about the status of Matt Millen.

Keep Matt Millen for Bears fans :)


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