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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sports Brief

First off for everyone who plays video games Rent or buy Gears of War. It is a great game. On the movie front, I am eager to see the Good Shepard, and We are Marshall. Enough of that talk, now on to sports.

The Bears defense is looking average and Rex Grossman is carrying the Bears to victories. The Tank Johnson problem is not helping matters. All of this could add up to another one and down playoffs for the Bears. Panic is starting to set in.

The other big story is the Eagles return flight to playoff contention under Jeff Garcia. Jeff has gotten the Eagles into position to take the lead in the NFC east this weekend with a win over the Cowboys. T.O will do something to bring more attention to himself after this game as always.

College Football
The Bowls have started this week with one in the books and more to come. The BCS bowls will be the major focus. The Bowl with the most coverage thus far is not OSU vs Florida. It is LSU vs Notre Dame. LSU is favored to kill Notre Dame. I believe LSU will Kill Notre Dame because ND's defense is TOO SLOW. LSU can score and their defense is very tough. LSU should Win by alot. Brady Quinn will not win a bowl game in his tenure at Notre Dame and is Doomed for his first 5 years in the NFL.

The Cubs have signed Jason Marguis to pitch in their rotation. The reason, Larry Rothschild said he would be worth it. Larry was the reason one of the reasons the rotation sucked last year. I hope Larry fixes Jason otherwise three years of 6.02 era will not be fun. The Cubs have spent soo much money this offseason on players.

The White Soxs have taken a different approach by trading Freddy Garcia for young pitchers and trying to move John Garland. This moves are based on saving money. The Soxs are not going to try and resign Joe Crede and Jermaine Dye because of money issues. The Soxs have prospects ready to take over at those positions. The Soxs look to stay a small market team in one of the largests markets baseball.

The Red Soxs have not signed JD. Drew because he is injured before the season started. This bodes well for a 5 years 70 million dollar deal. DON'T DO IT!

The NFL Draft
I know this a long way away but I was thinking about Notre Dame vs LSU. Brady Quinn should be the first pick of the draft or at very least top 5. Poor Brady Quinn will be drafted by either Detriot, Oakland, Houston, Tampa, and or Cleveland. Like I said Poor Brady Quinn.



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