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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving DAY!!

The annual thanksgiving four mile was today. I ran 27 something as opposed to the 25 something I ran last year. That's what happens when you do not run and are not a team anymore. I will say this I was impressed that BIG BOY ran the race and ran 7:30's for the first two miles and then shut it down. Other family members were present who shall remain nameless and I did run into some girl I knew in highschool. Moving along....

This week is one of the greatest weeks in sports. Soriano signs with the Cubs for far too much money and ofcourse FOOTBALL!!! We get football on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, (College)Saturday, Sunday, and then Monday...WOW.. Only Bowl week is better for football, althought I hate the BCS... But who doesn't. If anyone likes the BCS please set forward..... I wanted Rutgers to mess up the BCS but it didn't happen...

The Thanksgiving games always feature Detroit and Dallas. Thus far Detroit has made a decent showing of themselves today against Miami, maybe the League should scheducle a easier team so we can see a good game every year because Detriot sucks...

In the second game Dallas plays Tampa which looked good on paper at the start of the year but the BUCS are awful this year. The intrique is about Tony Romo from E. ILLIONIS playing in a PRIME TIME game, let see how Tony handles this one.

Games to look foward to this weekend are: Saturday Notre Dame vs USC and Sunday BEARS vs PATS!!!

Enjoy your turkey day!! GOBBLE GOBBLE


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