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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Game time

I forgot to write about this or it slipped my mind. My brother, well he almost is my brother, Chris"Big Boy" Mehring finally took the field for Iowa State this past weekend, in a blowout loss to Kansas. This is a big event in his life, although he will be modest about it.

In highschool, he played for the Richard Bulldogs as a middle linebacker, breaking bones of his own teammates during practice. Richards went to the state finals his junior year, they got destroyed by Providence. His senior year in the playoffs, he was injured on the first play in the quarter finals. He tweaked his hamstring and the trainer would not let him return. Upon graduating from Richards(Dwade went there also) Chris went to ISU. He did not tryout his first semester, but waited to the spring to tryout. The coaches told him he was too small but if he got bigger they would take him next fall. He worked hard and got bigger that summer. That next fall he tried out and made the team. He was on the practice squad that season. Good thing he made it too because they got rid of walk on's the next year.

In first game play against Kansas, he made on tackle on his one play.... sounds like Rudy to me!!
I am ashamed that I have never been to game, they will change next year.

Congrats on playing chris


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