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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The White Sox's 2007 plan, my football top 5 and blog comments?

So I have been giving the Cubs plans for 2007 aka my ideas, so now i will give you my thoughts on the 2007 Soxs. The Soxs who did not return to the playoffs to defend their World Series Title, however not uncommon because it is very hard to repeat in baseball, the last team to do it was those Yankees of the late 90's. So the Soxs must try to get back to the playoffs at first and the World Series second. So let's the address the issue that prevented the Sox from making the playoffs last year. First issue the Sox's rotation, they were overworked last year and they suffered from tired arms. That however does not mean there needs to be changes on the rotation, Freddy Garica is either in the last year of a deal or is a free agent, either way do not bring him back. He peaked when they won the World Series and he says he pitches harder against "good teams". That is why he stinks against the Royals. They also need to move Javier Vasquez because he is not a good AL pitcher in the NL he would be awesome but not in the AL. They would McCarthy into the rotation to fill one spot and they need another starter, probably some B level starter that they will sign cheap. Their Bullpen needs to get restructured because they were also bad in the regular season save for Bobby Jenks. His era was a little high for a closer but he was the only saving grace. Their lineup has only two weaknessess shortstop and centerfield. Brian Anderson needs to be traded because you cannot develop a centerfielder on a contending team, trade him and get a veteran centerfielder. Juan Uribe is very streaky as a hitter and has had some recent problems with the law. The Soxs need to address those issues and they will have improved there team. Will make the playoffs then? Depends on how the they play the Tigers and the Twins!

More football talk
So now everyone has their top 5 ranking of football teams aka the power rankings so I will give you my power rankings and a little reason why they are ranked that high.

#5 The Patriots- Some how this team wins, no matter who they have on offense and defense they find a way to win. Tom Brady is a good quarterback and becomes better when the game is on the line.

#4 The Colts- The only reason the Colts are 5-0 is because of Peyton Manning and his receivers.The team is still one sided and more based on Peyton without the Edge. Who regrets Edge leaving more Peyton or Edge? My guess is the Edge because his 1-5 and Peyton is 5-0.

#3 The Saints- The Saints are a fairy tale in the NFL and all of sports. They are 5-1 with a big wins against the Falcons, Cards, and most recently the Eagles. Everyone talks about Reggie Bush and is impact, without the DEUCE and DREW Brees this team is not 5-1. I also failed to mention but the man behind the players Sean Payton who is getting the most out of his players and his system.

#2 The San Diego Chargers- This has not lost a beat after they let Brees go and went to Rivers. Rivers, LT, and Gates are fueling offense which is running on all cyclinders.If they don't go to "Martyball" again they will be the Best team in AFC and get home field throughout the playoffs. Shawn Merriman is one of the best linebackers in football and their defense is very stout. Tough team to beat and should go deep in the playoffs.

#1 The Chicago Bears- Yes I know I am homer by making this my number 1 team, but I WILL not get off the Bears bandwagon after one bad game. They did win despite 6 turnovers which has to stand for something in Pro-sports. Their Defense lead by MVP Brian Urlacher willed that team to a win!

Bone-head move off the Week, the Packer signed Koren Robinson and he was suspended for a year on a DUI conviction. That's how it has gone for the Packers this year...

Comments we got our first comment and now anyone can comment because I edited the setting some lets get some feedback or comments. Thanks everyone who reads this!
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