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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NLDS, Baseball wish list and Manager Merry-go-round

The Cardinals a meet who should have not even made the playoffs esepcially with their bad bullpen and horrible starters save for Carpenter have just taken a 3-2 series lead over the Mets. The Mets who are the World Series pick for most people, including mine are losing to the hapless Cardinals. The glaring weakness on both teams was starting pitching, well the Cardinals seems to have found there's. Carptener, Suppan, Weaver, doesn't strike fear into people but they don't need to, they just need to get you outs. Weaver has shown the stuff that got him a huge deal with Detriot, Suppan has shown that three years ago when he won 15 with Pittsburg it was not a fluke. Tony La Russa my hat is off to you for managing your team and especially your bench and bullpen. A good read, three nights in August a must read for a baseball fans! From one good manager to another, and in the same division no less, Lou Piniella is now the Cubs new skipper.

Lou Piniella denied the rumors that he wants AROD and the Yankees are denying that AROD is available. However sources close to Lou say he wants AROD and source near the Yankees say they want quality starting pitching for AROD. The Cubs as we know do not hve quality starting pitching, well they could send Mark Prior to the Yankees but the Yankees are already have an injuried riddled over payed rotation. The Cubs are gonna make free agent moves such as getting Schmidt, Soranio, and Carlos Lee. They need two of those players to be decent if not compete, the won't get any of them because they are the CUBS! Big Lou welcome to the North Side where promises are made and that's IT! Another winning manager Ken Macha was fired the other day by the A's. I have to question this only in the fact that he got the A's over the first round hump which had haunted them the last like 6 odd seasons. Ken Macha won with a Moneyball team. They just signed Ken to a three deal, two season's ago, so he will get 2 million for his last year. I guess you can make the case that anyone can win with Oakland, Art Howe did it and look where it got him. It got him a huge deal with the Mets, and he was HORRIBLE in New York. Art Howe is now out of baseball. Ken Macha will get another job with some team, I'm sure. His record is too good not to get another job. The Nationals need a manager, if Joe Girardi does not take the job, Ken Macha would be a candiate for it. For the A's Billy Beane, he will hire some obsecure coach for the A's organization or will he? A wierd idea would be Dusty Baker who is a west coast native and needs a job. Another thing, he managed Barry Bonds in San Fran, Barry could be the DH for a year and hit the historic homerun as an A's ? i doubt it... but it is a novel idea don't you think?
I can't wait for the hot stove season!

Let it looks like Cards vs Tigers and I give it to the Tigers in 6 games!


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