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Monday, October 09, 2006

What a weekend in Sports and my blueprint for the Cubs 2007

The weekend in sports were one to remember, the Playoffs in baseball, college football, and the NFL. I will begin with baseball, now the NL or AL Lite as it is called in some circles aka ME, the Padres staved off elmination for a day before losing to the Cardinals. The Cardinals who are not even the one of four best teams make the NLCS. I think the Cardinals always own the Padres and they will be exposed for the frauds they are. Carpetner and Albert the great are putting on a show and a two man show would work in basketball but not in baseball. They might steal a game because of Carpertners brillance as a pitcher, but they will not out slug the Mets who are the cream of the NL. Their previous opponents,the West teams showed that the division was the weakest division in baseball once again by winning only one game in the playoffs. Moving on to the the CLass of baseball, the AL, where the YANKEES, yes the YANKEES everyone World Series Winner this year, the 200 million juggernaunt, 26 World Series championships, LOST!!!!! They ran into the Detriot Tigers who lost the division by a game to Twins. They were swept by the Royals at home in the last three games of the regular season. They stole Game 2 in the Bronx with amazing pitching. The Yankees were still confident going into Detriot with Kenny Rogers on the hill, and he goes out and pitches 7 2/3inngs of brillant basebase ball. Kenny Rogers beat Randy Johnson. Randy Johnson who has not been the same since he moved to the AL. Could it be that he faces nine hitters instead of 8 hitters? He did pitch in the AL but that was when he still had overpowering stuff. His health and stuff has all caught up with him and he is not the same. The tigers behind Bonderman beat Jared Wright and the Yankees to move onto the ALCS. Now Jared Wright, is a horrible injury prone pitcher who Leo Mazzone turned into a major league pitcher again in Atlanta. The Yankees then went out and got him and Carl Pavano after one good year each. Now they are taking up money and roster space because they SUCK!! Wright could maybe pitch in the NL but not in the AL and not in playoff deciding game. If I were the Yankees I would have marched the ice cream eater according to Arthur Rhodes, Cory Lidle out there. Jared Wright was good in 1997 when he pitched for the Indians in the World Series that was 9 years ago. Shifting the blame to AROD, the man who takes all the blame in NY besides Joe Torre, was bad in the playoffs once again. AROD needs to be traded and get out NY he will never have the New York attitude or what New York wants, just get out. Arod I think will be moved and should be moved along with some other Yankees. Now the teams that Advanced to the ALDS the Tigers and A's, which nobody predicted except themselves. So we have the A's and Tigers, I think the A's have the MVP of the league in the Big SKirt- I mean Big Hurt and will win in 6 games. I have been wrong on all my picks so take them with a grain of salt. I'll come back to Arod in a bit....

College Football...
Notre Dame moved back into the Top 10 with a win over Stanford. Auburn went down to the Razorbacks, Florida beat LSU and Michigan beat Michigan State. The game that I sat down to watch was the ISU vs Nebraska game. I watched in the hope that my brother well not really but u get the idea, Chris, would see his first action in D1 college football. I watched the game with fixed eyes and baited breath waiting for his chance to play. He did not see the field but i did see him on the sidelines, catching him yelling at the refs, his belly, and his tat's. I saw him 5 to 6 times on TV. Moving on the game, the Cornhuskers were clearly the better team, the refs did not help ISU, when they botched a TD call in the 2nd half. They took two TD's away from Isu and that was the difference- I don't count the BS Tv at the end of the game. The announcer kept trying to keep the game interesting but it was rather uninteresting. I hope to go to the last ISU home game on Nov18th, to hopefully see Chris take the field!

On to the NFL,
The Bears had their homecoming as Richard Dent called it. The Bears dominated the game on all phases and would have had a shut out if Cedric Benson had not laid it on the ground. Rex Grossman will win COMEBACK player of the YEAR in football. 10 passing Td's this year for Rex, all bear QB's had 11 last year. I did love how Alex Brown made a move on another big man after his INT. I did like the running attack also almost 200 yards on the ground with TJ and Cedric running the ball better. I love watching Sports shows and hearing how they could win 15 games or even 16. I will not go that far as of yet. I think 8-0 is a definate possiblity. Everyone is gonna talk big about the Cardinals now because of Matt Leinhart performance this weekend. Matt Leinhart will have a horrible game against the Bears. The Chiefs D is not the Bears and the Card O-Line sucks and will get carved up by the Bears. I will just say that in my pool, I was awesome this weekend, winning 11 games thus far with the MNF game tonight. Other games of importance the TO Reunion game, I picked Dallas but I hoped Philly would win. TO deserves to lose and he is starting his usally stuff again in Big D, calling out Bledsoe. He was sooo bad this weekend, TONY ROMO needs to start. Tony Romo will start by the end of this year because Bledsoe is so bad and is a sack waiting to happen. He is not very mobile in the pocket. The positive of this game, Donovan McNabb made the most of the spotlight, by passing for TD's and over 300 yards, Lito Sheppard came up huge for their defense. McNabb now can focus on the rest of his season and getting the Eagles to the playoffs without his best reciever in Dante Stalworth. He also has shed the demons from last season and he is healthy again. The other big story was the 49ers beat the Raiders, no I'm Kidding... It was the Steelers losing to Chargers and going 1-3 this season. The defending champs have been bad because of the play on offense namely Big Ben. Now he says it is not the accident or the surgery. I beg to differ, he has not been the same since then and has been just plain bad. Now the only game the Steelers won was Quarterbacked by Charlie Batch. You all remember him, he couldn't make it as the Lions starter a few years ago. That how bad it is in Pittsburgh. On the other side of the ball the Chargers let go of Drew Brees a probowl Qb in favor of Philip Rivers a sketchy move in my eyes. Rivers was good at NCST but that was years ago, he had not played in a meaningful game in a while. Needless too say I was wrong, he played well and San Diego has a 3-1 record to prove it. It helps when you have LT, Gates, and Shawn Merriaman on your team. Finally How does Matt Millen still have a job?? He is has been the worse football excutive the last five years. Bad drafts picks, bad coaching moves, and they have not sniffed the playoffs since RW. MC Quarters hit Stony Case. They have had a coaching scandal when they hired Mooch, they drafted troublesome recievers and a bad QB in Joey Harrington who is now in Miami. Now they had a new coach in Rod Marinelli, new QB in Jon Kitna, and brought in Mike Martz to run the offense. What did they get in return thus far:,a guarantee from Roy Williams for 40 pts; they scored 7 and a lost, cutting of Charles Rogers, benching of Mike Williams, and lastly an 0-5 record. Yet last offseason Matt Millen got an extension, life isn't fair!!!

More baseball....
So everyone has been talking about the changes the Yankees are going to undergo, wild theories such as fire Joe Torre- bring in BIG lou, trade AROD, trade Jeter, and anything else you can think of. Well I am not a Yankee fan, so I will give my thoughts on a franchise in the opposite position of the Yankees in which they did not win 97 games, the CUBS.
So they have fired their manager, Dusty Baker, and the team president resigned in Andy Mc FAIL. Now we need a new manager and some free agent additions here is my thoughts:

Manager: Either Joe Torre if available or Joe Giradi, a former Cub who is beloved by management and did a great job with the kids in Florida, could develop Cubs young kids such as Murton and Cedeno. NO BIG LOU!!!

Pitching: Let Wood go, buy him out and let him be someone else's burden. His arm is always gonna have promise...Promise it will need surgery by June...

Prior needs to be healthy before he throws on Pitch, but do not give up just yet. No Bs out of the Cubs front office, if he is hurt let him rest and get healthy.

Give Zambrano a new deal and keep him. If they let him go they are stupid because Texas or someone deseperate for pitching will drive the price way up. Get Zambrano help in the rotation whether it is a Barry Zito or Jason Schmidt. Get another frontline starter and a "b" class starter to add to the rotation. We can't win with all the kids in our rotation, Hill showed he can stay and maybe Marshall.

Bullpen: We need a closer, Dempster is not the answer out there!! Get someone who throws hard and strikes people out. Might have to over pay- No L. Hawkins

The Lineup- Well if Pierre leaves then they need a leadoff man, if he stays he better play in the first half like he can. They need another bat to protect lee and carry them if he gets hurt or if he is not ready when the season starts. Aramis could leave if he does we need another bat. Aramis needs to play better in the first half as well. A Carlos Lee would be a good bat to add or a Sorano..Maybe an AROD?? He could play in Chicago it is not like NY. We do have a media but not like NY, he could play short again, he could be the support guy to D-Lee who is the Cubs face now. I know it won't happen but who knows, Can't I have a crazy theory?? We might need to send the kids back down.

That is my" blue print"
See ya
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