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Monday, October 16, 2006

MNF- the lowest low and the HIGHEST HIGH for a BEARS FAN

I suffered through the Cade Mc CLOWN and the QUINN eras. I thought REX was the next best thing! Rex proceeded to get hurt and the next season he got hurt and then guess what, he got hurt again. This season was different, Rex was putting all the injury talk to rest and making a case for MVP until tonight. ........................

The best game of the week had to wait until Monday night: Bears vs Cardinals. Now this game featured the "Best team in the NFL" and a 1-4 team with a GREAT College quarterback in Matt Leinhart. Well the Cardinals forgot that they were 1-4 in first half and Matt Leinhart forgot he was not at USC. Matt Leinhart played masterful with little or no running game from the EDGE, but he did have great catches from one of his young talented receivers Anguan Boldin. On the other side of the coin, The Bears Quarterback, Rex Grossman, who is still young by NFL game standards being his full first heathly season. Rex HAD the WORST night any quarterback can have 14/37 passing with 4 interceptions and two fumbles. REX had six turnovers ... SIX TURNOVERS!!! Now with a stat line that you would have thought the Bears would have lost but they DID NOT!! The reason BEING the defense lead by the MVP of the league BRIAN URLACHER, he was a force on the football field, rallying the defense and heeding orders from Lovie Smith to get the ball and score. Did Lovie make some questionable calls, ofcourse he did the on side kick which I predicted and the block punt attempt which was a bad officating call. Was Lovie not the only one making questionable calls, Ron Turner was making questionable play calling by going to the air so many times, I thought the Bears were a running team. Granted we could not run when were down 20 points but still should have tried it a little more. So how did the Bears win?? The Defense and Urlacher

The stat line of URLACHER was 19 tackles 11 solo and one forced fumble. This was a man on a mission and his mission was not to let his TEAM lose. The order came from Lovie Smith, get the ball and score to his DEFENSE!!! Who tells their defense this??? WE DO!! The defense responded with a forced fumble by Mark Anderson- who? rookie real good- Mike Brown scores , Urlacher strips the Edge and Peanut Tillman returns it to the house and lastly Devin Hester- he took an 82 yard punt return to the house to take the lead for good. You notice their was no offensive touchdown, because regardless of how bad the Bears offense the DEFENSE was going to find a way to win. If the Bears go anywhere it will be because of the DEFENSE, Rex will be a difference maker but Defense's win championships!

Now the Cardinals did have some positives, they played great on monday night, Leinhart will be a star in this league just like in college, Boldin is a great wide reciever. Those are things they need to build on. Dennis Green needs to be retained because it is not entirely his fault. On to the negatives Edge carried it for 56 on 36 carries, that is the worse yards per carry ratio ever. That is a knock on Edge and the offensive line. He knew that when he took the money to sign with the Cardinals. Their o-line is not good on the run! Dennis Green was beyond angry at the post game interview, they knew what the Bears were in the third pre-season game. What were they?? Not a good team?? Beatable, everyone is beatable. The cardinals are just not good. They need to change their attitudes and who knows if they ever will. Maybe after that they can win games should be 3-3, they are not they are 1-5.

Are the Bears a team of Destiny?.... I don't know.. Was this a good thing?.... Yes it was, we believe we are NOT invinicble but we also know that we can comeback.....Are they a good team?... Yeah they are my main reason for this is because good teams find a way to win bad games!! New England the meter of success lately, they always found ways to win, Are the Bears on the same path?? I don't know............. but we could be on our way... 6-0!! GO BEARS!!!


Blogger Heeb said...

Yea, sean you are right about some things. The bears have great defense, but tonight is something i call lucky! Rex Grossman 4 interceptions! That is a horrendous stat for a quaterback to have, rookie or seasoned veteran. The cardinals are just an inexperienced team and let one go right past them. Had "Da Bears" as crazy Chicago sports fans like to call them played a different team like say the Giants, Eagles, or Cowboys we would have seen a different outcome.
The Bears are a good team, do not get me wrong, i just like to get a rise out of my friends by saying they suck, they are actually decent. But for all you Super Bowl hopefuls for the Bears, they are not gonna get too far in the playoffs having an offense that cannot put up points consistently. They might meet teams like the Panthers, Giants, or Eagles and those teams know how to capitalize on mistakes. But i'll let all the Bears fans bask in the glory for now. Until next time.

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