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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Big LOU almost a done deal

So I know today is sunday and football dominates the collective sports audience, everygame has not been played so i will not discuss football today, plus my football pool picks are not fairing well, so you will have to wait for all my football banter till tomorrow, don't hold your breath... YEA RIGHT! Anyways Lou Pinella will be installed as the Cubs Manager before the World Series. All source seems to confirm this rumor, so that Lou Pinella will follow Dusty Baker as the manager of the Cubs. Dusty and Lou are two polar opposities in how the manage the team and the game. Lou is not afraid to have a tirade on the field or in his press conference. He attacked Rob Dibble his closer on the 1990 Reds after blowing a save. Dusty would not publicly "call out" a player or his team. He was a player's manager and the players let him down. They had no fire to win. Lou bring that to the Cubs a fire to win and he will speak his mind and tell you how bad you were and why you are losing. Lou has managed a World Series Winner in 1990 Reds, he managed the Yankees years ago, He turned around the Seattle team and had them win 100 plus games. Lou did not fair well in Tampa Bay but that franchise is horrible!! Lou is now a WIN now guy, so my question is are the Cubs the right team to win now? NO!!!!! They are not, with their current team and front office they will not win now. Lou is making a huge mistake unless he is the first of many free agent aquistions. I think Zito or Schmidt as I have said earlier need to in Chicago, also another Bat, and one other starter of B quality. I have another Crazy AROD trade idea, let's assume the Yankees convince Arod it is time to move and the CUBS want him. Jim Hendry submits this deal to Brian Cashman, The Cubs will trade Angel Guzman, Jerome Williams, and Cezar Isturis for Arod and some player to be named later, the Yankees will also pay 20 million on Arod's contract. 20 million is nothing for the Yankees and I think the Cubs would be letting Cashman off easy. The Yankees could play Isturis as third and use Guzman and Williams in their rotation/bullpen/ or even in their farm system. The Cubs rid themselves of prospects and one major leaguer for AROD. That is probably the best deal they will get. The Cubs might have to through in Rich Hill or Sean Marshall instead of Williams or Guzman. The main thing is the Cubs trade young CHEAP pitching for AROD. It works out well for both teams. Maybe this will happen, I doubt it!!
another crazy theory....
Football to come


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