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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Remember Me??

So I know I wouldn't talk about my day in blogs but I have to mention this, I was out running by the river where I resident right now in Graduate School. I was running by some woods/bushes and I look to my right and see the ROTC people having a war game with their fake M16's in the bushes. I was like huh?? As I kept running and didn't ask questions; only in Macomb.

So two stories that I am tired of hearing about in Sports are the fate of Joe Torre/ AROD and the TO soap Opera in Dallas. Thank the baseball God's that Joe Torre is staying because now he can take the blame for the eventually playoff loss next year. As AROD until he gets traded, his story in NY will never die and when he gets traded it will continue... Is there no baseball god?? TO's story will end when Dallas realizes they made a mistake and runs him out. No team then would take a chance on him again.

Remember Nate Robertson?? Ofcourse you do now, He just won the first game of the ALCS for the Tigers. If you were an Indians fan, you would remember that a few years back, the Indians just shipped him out of town for some reason and never looked back. At the time he had like 10 wins and would 15 that year. I wonder if the Indians are regretting that move now. Nate did his job tonight, he wasn't over powering but he gave the ball to the flamer throwers aka the bullpen with a lead and they never looked back. Remember Frank Thomas?? If you were a Sox's fan, you know who that was, he was and after this season still proved that he is the Big HURT! The White Sox's ran him out of town and A's were waiting with open arms. He did not fair tonight but I have a feeling he will hit well in this series just like the last. Remember Sean Casey, the Red who was traded to the Pirates and got hurt when a Cub ran into at first. He then was rescued from his personal hell in the NL and brought to Tigers. He injuried himself by tearing his calf, it was sick. You could see on the replay, how it popped.. IT made my calves tighten up..or maybe it was my run today..Either way that looked like it hurt ALOT!!!

In the NLCS
Keith Law of Espn picks the Mets and picks them to Win the World Series. Keith is right the Mets will win the NLCS and that is it. The METS do not have the pitching like their NY counterpart the Yankees, to win the World Series. The A's and the Tigers have better rotations and the winner will come out of the AL, just like last year.

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