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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Where to start?? Tigers 06 = 05 White Soxs

In 2003, that was the last year the Yankees made it to the World Series beating the Red Soxs with a walkoff homerun to beat the Red Soxs. The Yankees would lose to the Marlins led by Josh Beckett's Arm. That very same year the Detriot Tigers had to make a late push... to avoid begin the worst team ever. The Tigers record was 43-119. That was three years ago... We FLASH forward to the present...ZOOM>>> Today, the Tigers came full circle. The Tigers completed the sweep of the Oaklands A's in grand fashion. Magglio Ordonez their big free agent catch in 2004, hit the game winning walk home run in the bottom of the ninth against Huston Street. This was a different team from three years ago, with rookies and free agents added but the biggest addition was not Pudge, Kenny Rogers, or Magglio it was Jim Leyland! The smoking in the dugout, wearing his emotions on a sleeve Jim Leyland. He helped the MArlins with the 1997 World Series, so he know how to win. This year in Mo-town, Leyland had the king Midias Touch in that everything he touched turned to GOLD. Speaking to Nate Robertson in game 1, pulling Zumaya in Division Series and going to Todd Jones, playing weak hitting Gomez, It did not matter for Jim Leyland, he was golden. We will see if his touch continues and hopefully works out better than King Midas's did. This year Tigers will gain alot of comparison to last year White Soxs, in that they both led the league in wins most of the season. Both teams struggled down the stretch until ultimately making the playoffs, and lastly both had great starting pitching that carried them. If your a GM and you are reading this maybe you should take notes GREAT Starting PITCHING= GREAT results. Brian Cashman (Yankees GM) write that down. There was another series that was played today the NLDS, featuring the Cards and Mets. Now everyone including me did not think the Cards were gonna make it past the first round because of their lateseason collaspe. WELL EVERYONE including me was wrong, Tonight they took a 2-1 lead in the series. The Cards won last night behind their ACE Chris Carpenter, everyone knew that he would win a game in this series if not two. NO ONE except maybe Tony La Russa thought Jeff Suppan would pitch a playoff MasterPiece! I say MasterPiece because he held down the best 3-4-5 hitters in the NL if not all of baseball. He did for 8.0 inning allowing no runs and 3 hits. 3 hits, in a whole game, if you allow that in a innning against the Mets your doing a great job, but a whole game was well lack of a better term a MASTERPIECE. On the other side of the coin, Steve Traschel was HORRIBLE, 1 inning 5 Earned Runs, a very bad stat line. If your aCubs fam you remember him, he lost 20 games for the Cubs some years ago. He also throws the slowest game in baseball, well tonight was a quick night for him. Another Remember me, Scott Spiezo, remember him, he played for the 2002 Angels. The Angels won the 2002 World Series. He has been clutch driving in runs and picking up the slack of the injuried Scott Rolen for the Cardinals. A postseason of veterans making returns to the limelight, K. Rogers, Suppan, Todd Jones, Speizo. PHEW that what makes October great! One more baseball story, another stupid move by the CUBS- Lou Pinella could be named as the newest Cubs Manager by the World Series... YIKES!!! DON'T DO IT!!! Write that down Jim Hendry!

Moving on College Football
Upset Saturday.. Iowa loses Indiana- this was not college basketball it was college football and Iowa was the better team on paper. They just let Indiana hang around and they ultimately beat them. Georgia lost to Vandy- Vandy is not good at football and didn't even have a winnng record and they gave Iowa it's second lost hurting it's BCS hopes. Florida who was ranked number 2, lost to former number 2 Auburn. Auburn had been knocked off last week by Arkansas. Auburn fell from 2 to 11, well they beat Florida who was ranked number 2. How far will they fall? Other big news in college football Brian Brahm returned from a thumb injury to barely beat Cincy. Heisman hopefully Adrian Peterson broke his Collarbone on a touchdown run against ISU. As of right now, I do not know if Chris took the field in this one. USC defeated ASU, Michigan beat Penn State and OSU beat down MSU. Sadly sports has another violent story. In south Florida, Miami played Florida international. Some how a huge brawl took place on the field with players hitting each other with helmets, spking each other in the head, an injuried Miami player came out on crutches and used his crutches as a weapon. The final score of this one was 35-0 Miami but that will not be the story because of the stupidity of the players on both teams.
It seems everytime you look some player or team is doing something stupid, Steven Jackson.. I WILL not start on this guy. He needs help! He was worse than Ron Artest in that brawl and now a shooting into the air at a strip club.

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