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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The maturation process of a Quarterback

Week 6 in the NFL was a tale of many quarterbacks. The struggling veterans, to promising rookies, all taking part in week 6 of the NFL. The best game other than the MNF game, was the Saints vs the Eagles featuring two quarterbacks, Donovan McNabb for the Eagles and Drew Brees of the Saints. This game was a tale of two different Quarterbacks, Donovan was coming an injuried/TO filled season. This year, he was having by far the best statsical year of any Quarterback in football, when he ran into Drew Brees and the Saints. The Saints were having a year than only happens in the movie or in fairy- tales. One year removed from Katrina with a new coach, a sugerically repaired Quarterback in Drew Brees, and a bunch of old and new players which includes Reggie Bush, has given New Orleans something to cheer for again. Drew Brees led his Saints to a game winning field goal over the Eagles. McNabb still had an impressive game should win Comeback player of the year if not MVP. Drew Brees also can make a case for MVP with a team that NO ONE thought would go anywhere this year, I would not want to play the Saints at home. Drew Brees is my boy, I loved Drew in College at Purdue, his senior year they played Kansas State in Rose Bowl that year. Drew Brees was picked by San Diego in the second round after they traded out of the first pick in the draft. San Diego took LT with the first round pick that year. Drew Brees had an adverse time in San Diego, he was annointed the man and then he struggled. San Diego who had made a MISTAKE in picking Ryan THEIF (Leaf), thought they had missed it with Drew. They went out and drafted ELI Manning and traded him to the Giants for Philip Rivers. Rivers would have been the started had he not helded out. I HATE people that hold out, feel lucky you got drafted and take the money. Rivers got what he deserved he lost the starting job to Brees. Brees seized his chance finally and took the Chargers to the playoffs and made the Pro-bowl. By the way (BTW) the Pro- Bowl should be an honorary title the GAME SUCKS!! Nobody really plays and you risk people getting hurt..DUMB!! DUMB! Anyways Back to Brees, The next year they almost made the playoffs with the tuffest schedule in football, but the most important thing Brees got hurt! The Chargers let Drew Brees walk because of shoulder surgery and turned it over to Philip Rivers. The story works out for both teams, because Drew Brees is healthy and leading the SAINTS, while Rivers is leading the Chargers who are the best team in the AFC... YES I KNOW the COLTS are 5-0 but they are not a complete team. PEYTON is carrying them.

Rookie Quarterbacks were also in action thsi weekend was Vince Young, remember him he was the hero of the Rose Bowl with Texas. Vince with some help from Travis Henry 130 yards on the ground beat a confusing Washington Redskins team. Vince looks ready to make the Titans more competitive this year, they are still long way off from being good and so is Vince. Vince needs to pass better otherwise he will be another Michael Vick, who I am sorry will never will the big game, not running the option offense. Another rookie Quarterback was Bruce Gradkowski, the guy who replaced Chris Simms after he had his spleen busted by the Carolina Panthers. BTW how does Tim Rattay feel, the veteran who was not the starter after Simms went down, they went to rookie instead... OUCH!!! Bruce Gradkowski will be a name people will have to remember because he looks good and beat a good Bengals team. On that side Carson Palmer is not the same as last year when he was SECOND best best only to PETYON. Carson knee's I bet is not the same or does not feel the same. IT doesn't help that Chad Johnson has disappeared, well he is doing ESPN commericals and Chris Henry is always in trouble. The only receiver is TJ whoisyourmomma that Carson can throw the ball toward. Did Carson come back early like Dante or is he just not that same? Who knows? Only Carson has the answers. Congrats to the Lions for winning a game, they will not go 0-16, nobody in Detriot cares because of the Tigers. I'm hoping they win the World Series and the City burns down! Maybe they can rebuild it better and get rid all of the slime. The Raiders are the only hope to 0-16.. THEY GOT A CHANCE!!
Enough football for now.. Later


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