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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The MWC Cross-Country Championship 2006

I have been mulling over for almost a week now on what to write. I am finally came to my decision so here goes. Last year at the end of 2005 Cross Country Grinnell College had once again come out of MWC as conference champions. Grinnell's has been champion on the Men's side for the last 10 years. In 2005 The Monmouth College fighting Scots had come within an eyelash of beating Grinnell, that was a great feat in itself. The fact that Monmouth had lost their number one runner to a non-running injury made it more special. Monmouth lost to Grinnell by 9 points, I being a member of the team felt a sense of loss. My four years had come and gone in the blink of an eye. Ever Since I was freshmen the goal had always been beat Grinnell. In my four years we finished 2nd three times, but only the last two years getting closer to beating the Grinnell. I knew once they announced who had won in 2005, that next year would be Monmouth's year. A close friend of mine and I decided that next year where ever the meet was at, we would be there. We wanted to see the day that Grinnell goes down.

October 28th 2006
The stage was set, Monmouth was finally stronger than Grinnell were. Monmouth had more depth in our top 5, and we had unvailed our secret weapon last year's number one runner running again. He was not his former self and may never return to his national champion form, but he was still better that most guys in our league. Everything was right in Monmouth's world. Monmouth was ready, the race started and Monmouth didn't look there best that day. Grinnell had put two guys in front of our number one runner. We did have a strong middle pack but could that make up for their low score at the top. I knew it was going be close. The scores were too close to count by hand. It was unclear if Monmouth had won or Grinnell had won. When the finals results were given to us, the race had ended in a TIE!! A TIE!! NCAA rules say that if a race is tied after 5 runners you go to 6th runner. Well the Midwest Conference, had there own rules that if it was tied after 5 runners, that the race would be a tie. If the race was under NCAA rules Monmouth would have won the race outright because their 6th runner crushed Grinnell. Outrage came from Monmouth runners because of the ruling. Monmouth had earned a share of the Conference Title.

My thoughts are this, Monmouth missed their chance to unseat Grinnell. They did win the Conference title which is special and should be celebrated by the team and college. Feeling of joy should be felt by Monmouth Runners past and present; especially those who raced Grinnell and lost. Fellings of angst and outrage shouldn't be directed at conference; because if they beat Grinnell through 5 runners, then rule doesn't matter. One place by one guy on either side and the race is a different story. Grinnell felt relieved and Monmouth felt cheated. Being a year older, I comprehend what Monmouth is feeling but I also comprehend what they should be feeling. What is lost on the side of the Monmouth runners is that there might not be another chance for Monmouth to beat Grinnell in the near future. For four years Monmouth's program had been building to this point. Monmouth had finally gotten to the TOP of the Midwest Conference only to have to share the view. One runner one place higher.... that's how close they came to knocking Grinnell off. I hope that in the near future my thoughts are proven wrong and Monmouth returns to the top of MWC ALONE.

Congrats to the 2006 Monmouth College Mens Cross Country team.
2006 Conference Co-Champions


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