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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Bears are blue about BROWN

Everyone thinks the Brian Urlacher is the heart of the Bears defense, he might be but most people can make a case for Mike Brown. Mike Brown is the hard hitting safety who has a nose for the End Zone. The Bears got some bad news on Mike Brown. Mike is done for the year with a achilles/foot injury. The common sports fan would think nothing of it, but true intelligent Bears fan knows that Bears defense just got significantly weaker. Mike Brown see the whole fields, makes sure that no one get past him on defense. Mike Brown was the co-captain of the defense. If the ball is fumbled, he finds a way to retieve and make the opposing team pay with 6 pts. The Bears pass defense will suffer and everyone in the league knows it. The rest of the NFL is already looking how to attack the whole that Brown leaves on the Bears defense. With Brown out they must put someone on defense to "fill" his whole. The list of possibilites is 4 deep with all decent players. It could be Chris Harris former starting safety, Brian McGowen harding hitting but still injured safety, or Todd Johnson who poped the ball out against the Cardinals. Either choice will be a step down from Brown. it also hurts Daniel Manning who was being coached by Brown on the field. This has been third year Brown has been placed on injuried reserve, it makes Brown and the rest of the football world wonder if the Bears will cut Brown after this season. My thoughts are that the Bears should retain Brown for the duration of his contract because of his impact on the defense. I know money comes into the issue but still I believe Brown is a curcial piece in the Bears future success just like Urlacher. The Bears suffered their first lost against the Cardinals............ It was Mike Brown.

The Bears biggest rival the Packers have some issues of their own. I'm taling about issues on the field which are numerous. I am talking about off the field issues and that means Koren Robinson. Robinson was suspended for a year by getting a DUI charge. Brett Favre sounded off to the media about how Robinson should be premitted to atleast come to the stadium and see his teammates. Brett Favre being a former substance abuser should know all about getting over an addiction. Brett should have kept mouth shut, i mean the guy hasn't been on the team long and he has a problem. He needs to be checked to rehab and think about football later on. Poor Brett should be worried about the recievers he has as opposed to ones that will cut at the end of the year. And I thought the Bears were in trouble at they are 6-0...



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