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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A sports brief: featuring football, basketball, baseball and some stress relief

The Bears showed the NFL why they are force to be reckoned with on defense, and now the have an offense that can make you pay as well. The Bears seems like the most complete team in football. The Bears are in the top three teams in football and if they give Rex Grossman time to pass they are THE BEST team in the NFL. Indy makes a strong case to be the best team as well with the Great Peyton Manning at the Helm. He can run the 2 minute drill better than anyone in football in the REGULAR SEASON, we shall if ever gets over his playoff woes. The Pats are the last team that makes a legimate case as the best team in football. Tom Brady runs the best 2 minute drill in the Playoffs. Tom Brady just wins, he does it now by slinging the ball to all his no-name recievers. All three of this team have the potential to win it all.

College Football
The big story in was USC losing to Oregan State, which was great for College football but bad for ND. My reasoning for that statement is this, college football benefited because teams like West Virigina and Louisville have a chance to get in BCS title game with either Michigan or Ohio state. It is bad for ND because USC fell in the BCS which a win over them beccomes less prestigious.

The NBA opened with Bulls playing the Heat. The Bulls dominated the HEAT and made the Heat look old. The Heat will not repeat as champions because they are old and Dwade is worn out from the World Championships summer league games. The Bulls made a huge statement that they are for real and they are contender to win the NBA finals. Ben Wallace made an immediate impact. I applaude John Paxson for the job he has done assmebling this team. They just signed Captain Kirk Heinrich to a new deal which was a very smart move. Keep up the good work!!!

The free agent pool is getting bigger with Carlos Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Greg Maddox, Jeff Suppan, Jeff Weaver, and Barry Zito declaring free agency. Pitching will be overpaid because it is so hard to come by so expect guys like Suppan to ride Postseason succes to big money. the Yankees are already considering Suppan. This looks like another Jared Wright/ Carl Pavo signing to me. My advice don't DO IT!!
I did fail to mention the Biggest name and I biggest because of the steriods he took Barry BONDS. All owners should make a deal or pact not to sign this guy and let the homerun record remain with Hank Aaron. I know some team will sign him and he will play next year; maybe his knee will blow out or something. Gary Sheffield is going to be traded as soon as his option is being picked up to either to the Cubs or Phillies. I know from the Cubs they want Wuertz and someone else, take them. We will take Sheffield's 40 hrs and 100 RBI's next year in left.



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