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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Comments, Length and Tigers ..OH MY

It has been sometime since my last blog. I have received some comments about length, spelling, and grammer. I thank those for commenting. I will try to do better on these things in the future. In my defense, this is not for the common sports fan and if you compare my length to Tuesday Morning Quaterback and Bill Simmons articles on You will see that my length is not as long as most people think it is.

Now on to sports,
Notre Dame Coach Charlie Weis is complaining about ND falling out of the TOP 10 when they won their game last week. The teams that passed Notre Dame were Florida and Tennessee. Florida did not play last week and ate cheese burgers according to Weis and Tennessee won a game simliar to ND. Weis is NOT valid in being upset because ND played UCLA a very average team while Florida has beaten a tough LSU team and plays the "tough" SEC schedule. Tennessee beat a tough Alabama team who has a winning record. If Weis wants to complain, ND should first play somebody good besides USC and Michigan every year.(Ps I am a ND FAN)

The Arizona Cardinals are now the "WORST TEAM" in football, they lost to the winless Raiders. The Raiders got killed by the 49ers who are not very good themselves. The owner of the Cardinals should have called Dennis Green on that phone Quarterbacks talk on after a TD, and FIRED HIM on the spot. The Cardinals are what we thought they were....the WORST TEAM in football.

Tony Romo got the nod at halftime on MNF, what did he proceed to do, he through three picks. Was this the right move to bench Bledsoe and go to Romo?YES!! Bledsoe was a statue in the pocket and was making bad decisions in the red zone. Tony Romo will make rookie mistakes because essentially he is a rookie but he is mobile and gives them a better chance to win. Tony Romo thinks he is like Brett Favre. We shall see how that pans out.

Brett Favre had another great game against another bad team, maybe Brett should ask to play bad teams every week. It is not Brett's fault, his team is young and inexperienced. If the Packers are bad, Detriot and Miami are much worse. Brett should see if they can schedule the Raiders, Cardinals, 49ers, and Houston, next season along with Miami and Detriot. If that happens the Packers will go 6-10 next year!!

I don't think anyone believes AROD will remain in New York, no matter who tells us he is staying. EVERYONE still believes he will be traded.

Lastly Joe Morgan is a Hypocrite because he stated that Kenny Rogers needs to thrown out of the game because of the Pine-tar on his hand. Joe Morgan was outraged at the fact that Kenny "cheated" in game 2 of the World Series. Joe called Kenny's actions disrespectful to the game of baseball. Joe Morgan is the biggest BARRY BONDS supporter in all of sportscasting. If Joe Morgan has respect for the game, call out Barry Bonds for being a "cheater". That is why Joe is Hypocrite.


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