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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Hot stove is starting to heat up already??

With the ST. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series, that officially ends the 2006 season. Congrats to La Russa in company on winning the World Series with good fundamental baseball. Right that down Lou Pinella winning means Fundamental baseball.

Now that the season is over, the HOT STOVE starts with deals and free agent fillings.
It seems like a day doesn't go bye without word out of the New York Yankees organization. This time is comes from the always disgruntled Gary Sheffield who is whining because the Yankees picked up his 13 million dollar option. Gary Sheffield signing was a business move to trade him. Sheffield is a baby and should shut up and take his money. He is a cancer when he is not happy, I pity the team that trades for him. If someone trades for him and does not give him a longer deal, he will ruin that team and wouldn't you know the Cubs are looking at him.

Free agency began recently and some big names have declared all ready. Jason Schmidt and Soraino are the biggest thus far with Barry Zito to join them. The Big Chicago name is Kerry Wood, who filed as well. Kerry had promise with 20 k game, but the Cubs should let you go. Go to San Diego and pitch in their huge ball park. If Kerry can ever get to together I wish him well but I don't think it is going to happen in Chicago. We all knew this would come after he went down the first time. Goodbye K kid! Another former Cub Gary Matthew Jr. who had a breakout year last year, is also a free agent. The Texas Rangers hope to resign him. Gary made some of the greatest catches ever this year in Centerfield for the Rangers. They need to resign him and Carlos Lee. Carlos Lee is going to be another free agent name out there very soon. I want the CUBS to sign Soriano and Schmidt to give us a chance to win because the Cardinals have shown that it doesn't matter how many games you win to get in the playoffs, just as long as you get into the playoffs.


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