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Monday, November 06, 2006

Contenders, Pretenders and Doomed

Is any team in the NFL besides the undefeated Colts make a case to win the superbowl??The NFL has been filling with underdog upsets this year and made me wonder, who is a contender and who is a pretender? So i have decide to name off who i believe to be contender and pretender in the NFL.


Colts- Duh 8-0 beats New EngLand in Foxboro. Manning should win the MVP this year but he will have strong case from Drew Brees.

Saints- After a bad loss to the Ravens at home, they respond and beat a Bucs team who has been a hit or miss team all year. Drew Brees is come back player of the year.

Bears- Even with the loss to Dolphins they still have the best record in the NFC. The next few weeks are gonna prove if they are for real or not. Injuries and inconsistent play of Rex Grossman could hinder them from staying contenders.

Pats- Even though Brady did his Best Rex Grossman this past week, they are still a well coached team and have a great Quarterback.

Denver- There Defense will keep them in games but can their offense win games? They beat the steelers in a shootout, can they win more games like that?

Giants- Eli and Tiki are getting good production and ever since that comeback win at Philly they have played good football. Strahan being out will hurt them but can they overcome it? Will they feel pressured to win for Tiki?


Atlanta- They win two games with Vick passing like a "Quarterback" and then go out and lose to the LIONS!!! Who are they fooling?? NOT ME!!

Seahawks- Where is there defense that went to the Superbowl?? There defense hasn't played like last year and they supposely got better in the offseason. Yikes!! The injury bug has bite them hard as well and they will not return to the Superbowl this year.

Dallas- Tony Romo, T.O., Vander-JACKASS, the Tuna, means OVERRATED!! This team is going to be hot and cold all year. With the O-Line playing poorly, T.O being a head case, Romo's inexperiences, Vander-JACKASS's comments and the Tuna not being the Tuna anymore is the reason they will go down in flames this year!

Carolina- A tendy superbowl pick by SI and everyone on ESPN, they are a pretender. They beat Cincy and they lose to Dallas. Steve Smith feels that he is not being used right. 4-4 record does not help their cause.

Bengals- Ocho STINKO needs to catch the ball and score- enough said!

Jags- beat Pittsburg, almost beat Indy, Lose to Texans.. NOT GOOD!!

Not much to say but they are REALLY bad:

Packers- improving but no chance
Raiders- Offensive cordinator ran a bed in breakfast for the last 5 years, enough said
Arizona- They are what we thought they were OVERRATED
Texans- Progressing but still ways away
Redskins- Spend the most money and DO NOT get any results.... good job Daniel Synder

That's it


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