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Sunday, November 12, 2006

BCS shakeup and Lack of Consistence in the NFL

The BCS has a major shakeup this weekend, the upstart Louisville LOSES to Rutgers. Rutgers were the biggest underdog against Louisville. Louisville coming off that huge victory over West Virginia. Everyone thought the Big East was a joke in football(including me), West Virginia, Louisville and now Rutgers have proved everyone wrong. Rutgers defeated #3 Louisville, but that was not the only top ten ranked team to fall. #4 Texas #5 Auburn both fall to unranked teams, Florida barely escaped this weekend at #6. With the losses of Texas and Auburn couples with their win Rutgers jumped up to #6 giving them BCS title hopes.

Other benefactors of 3,45, losing Florida, USC, and ND. Florida is 4 now, ND is 5 now, and USC goes from 7 to 3. I personally hope the ND defeats USC and makes a run at the BCS title game. If Rutgers beats West Virginia, puts them in position to play in the BCS title game. NO REMATCH GAME OSU Michigan should be seen one time!!

Atlanta loses to Cleveland and Detroit consecutive weeks?? Houston beats the JAGS twice?? The Pats lose to the JETS?? Indy wins again but 1pt over Buffalo?? The NFL is a guessing game every week this season, with the "good" teams losing to bad teams more frequently than ever in my mind. Is their any dominate teams anymore??? The Colts might be the closest to it because of their record but they are flawed on defense. Who knows who will win the SUPERBOWL this year. My pick is a homer one by picking the BEARS who rebounded tonight.

The Bears lose to the Dolphins for their first loss and everyone anoints the Giants the NFC champs now. The Bears then go out behind strong QB play of Rex Grossman and the rest of the team and they win by 18 pts. Devin Hester needs to get the ball more on offense, the guy is FAST!!! Plaxico Burress needs to learn to keep his mouth shut, corners are average maybe but he was average with 4 catches and 48 yards. Bears 38-20! Enough said


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