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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Risky Business

Tom Cruise is not involved in this risky business, he is to busy getting married to a brainwahsed Katie Holmes... DID I WRITE THAT??? OOOPSSS!TO think I want to be him in TOP GUN. Whoever produced MI 3, that was risky business.
This risk business involves general managers of baseball teams namely your Chicago CUBS.

The Cubs made the biggest splash in the free agent market signing Soriano to A HUGE 136 million 8 year contract. This contract is way too long in my view, 8 years!!!! He is a 40 homer and 40 stolen base guy but he can't do that for 8 years. He will 31 years old next season and he will be 39 at the end of the deal. His power numbers and speed will decrease by the end of the deal. This move will benefit the Cubs in the short term but in the long term, it is a bad move. I will say this the Cubs are trying to put together a winner. They are spending money with reckless abandon that only the Yankess can admire. The Cubs need to sign pitching still but who knows how much ammo is left in the war chest. Which pitcher will they buy? Sources say Gil Meche...YIKES... He sucks- ERA 4.48!

Juan Pierre former Cub now is signing with the Dodgers for 45 million over 5 years. My thoughts are WHY??? The guy does not hit for power and is a faster version of Kenny Lofton who the dodgers had last year. They also have Rafael Furcal who is a leadoff man as well a 13 million a year. So now they have two leadoff men in a lineup that last year struggled to score runs. The Dodgers will have alot of baserunners this upcoming season but no one to bring them in. The Dodgers also took a risk by resigning NOMAR for two years. This move was forced by JD Drew who opted out his contract. That move regardless of what people think helped the DODGERS because JD DREW is a corvette. Looks really good and is very fast with a fiberglass body, JD Drew looks like a five tool player but is always injuried.

One team that is always good for a risky move who has been quiet this offseason is Kenny Williams and the White Soxs. He always makes big splash in the offseason with a trade. (examples Jim Thome and the busts David Wells, Todd Ritchie.) You have to overlook the busts because he did put togther a World Series WINNER.The first team in over 90 years in Chicago, so we look the other way on some bad moves. Kenny is rumored to be having some deals in the works though. Javy Vasquez is rumored to be on his way to Texas and Freddy could be on the move a well possibly NY Mets or Yankees.

More RISKY moves are expected in baseball with Manny Ramirez's name being tosses around in trade rumors now because he is CHEAP at 20 million a year for 2 years. JD Drew is still out there and anyone who signs him is taking a risk.

By the Way everyone criticizes the GM for making bad moves which is fine but some GMs get away with bad moves all the time and get no flak for it. Dave Littlefield of the Pirates I am talking about you. You MAKE THE WORST trades with your "tradeable" players getting virutally nothing in return, no good prospects or worthwhile major leaguers. Example Xavier Nady for Roberto Hernendez and Oliver Perez.. your biggest chips(which are not that good) for one a average major leaguer. You could have gotten more for that. Cubs fan love him for the 2003 deals ofKenny Lofton, Aramis Ramirez, and Randall Simon for crappy prospects and a strikeout prone 3rd basemen. Dave Littlefield are you friends with Matt MILLEN????!!!! Both you guys have a knack for bad moves

Well more hot stove to come with more RISKY MOVES......


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