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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The most scrunitized player in all of sports besides AROD is Rex Grossman. Everyone anointed him MVP after the first five games including myself. The winds of change rolled into Solider field and everyone said he was the reason the Bears would not win the Superbowl. Last night was his chance to Keep or LOSE his job, Rex kept his job with his performance last night. He went 13 of 23 with 2 touchdown passes and NO TURNOVERS. The most important stat is the NO turnovers. There was a controversal play that benefited Rex and Bears. Rex was hit and the ball came lose and St. Louis recover, the play was over overturned because his arm was going forward. That was a big play because Rex could have thought things were going bad again and reverted to old Bad Rex mode. Hopefully this is an indication that better things are to come, but then again we have to look who he played St. Louis and who he will play the Bucs, Lions, and Packers. These last three games should be seen as meaningful because they could build more confidence for Rex and the Bears offense. Rex needs to keep in perspective the FIRST real game he is gonna play with be at home in the first playoff game.

Another electric performance from Devin Hester who took not one but two kicks back to touchdowns. I am in disbelieve how good he is. I will come out and say I ripped the Bears for taking him and not a wide reciever. Maybe that is why they are in the NFL and I am writing this in graduate school. He should be Rookie of the year in the NFL but most likely it will go to Reggie Bush because of his name. Reggie has come on as of late making the Cowboys look silly.

Go Bears!


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