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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Theo being Theo

Manny being Manny is the phrase that is associated with the Red Soxs but Theo being Theo is going to be the new phrase. Theo has tried to trade Manny Ramirez for the same several years now. This year he might actually get it done because of his Bargain salary of 38 million for the next two years. Theo is going to try and replace Manny's production with J.D Drew and Julio Lugo- YIKES! Lugo and Drew will not come close to 30 homers and over a 100 RBIs Manny produces. Manny is a hall of famer and they are gonna trade him for prospects. Theo is the genius that orchestrated the 2003 World Series Championship team. I think now Theo is in love with his own genius and is making rash deals. Theo is just being Theo by making a deal that he thinks will make the Red Soxs better. Theo's previous moves were good in signing Schilling and Foukle, J.D Drew and Lugo and trading Manny bad moves! Their lineup is gonna suffer and they will not make the PLAYOFFS.

2007 AL east champions New York Yankees


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