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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hell Freezes over!!!

The Raiders being horrible on offense demoted Tom Walsh offensive cordinator. Raider players felt his play calling has been offensive as of late. Tom RAN a bed and breakfast for the last 9 years, unless the NFL had come to involve making beds and serving people food the Raiders offense would suffer. Art Shell made the right call by demoting Walsh. So the Raiders turn over the offense to JOHN SCHOOP! All Bears fan remember Schoop from the Dick Jauron Era, he was the offensive cordinator that ran 4 yard outs on 3rd and 6. He was known for short passes that DID not go down the field. The Bears offense was Horrible when Schoop was calling the plays. The Raiders are desperate for offense and this is not the answer. It might seem better than Bed and Breakfast TOM, but in the end it is another bad offensive cordinator on another bad team! I never thought that John Schoop would be given the Keys to another offense.

I forgot to state this a while back- ever notice how many old Bears from the Jauron Era are on the Bills now? Well I noticed two but I bet if you look harder there would be more, the two are Anthony Thomas and Mike Gandy former Bear first and second round picks. Funny how they are both on Jauron's NEW team. I will say some team needs to give A-Train a chance to be there starter, Houston maybe or LA. He is a proven back who can carry the rock.


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