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Friday, November 24, 2006

Wierd Thoughts

So Thanksgiving produced some interesting thoughts "What is the purpose of Netutral on a Car"? and "Why are people so fake??" The fake people I will share about. Did you ever see someone you used to hang out with/work with/ or go to school with? Did you ever notice that they alway say, hey let's hang out(get together) sometime and then you never hear from them. Why is that? Are we so concerned with our face that we will lie to people just to not make them feel bad. Personally I would just like the truth, if you say hi and we talk fine and then you say well maybe I'll see around, fine by me. You didn't lie and don't give people the wrong idea. I'd just thought I would share that.

The best game of Thanksgiving most people could not even watch because it was on NFL network!!! Well let me rephrase that, most people in the Chicago-Land area could not see it because Comcast does not offer NFL network.

The Dallas Cowboys looked like a great team on turkey day, with TONY ROMO 5 TD passes, while Detriot sucked as always and the Best game was not on regular cable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

espn showed the late game for those without nfl network.

6:38 PM

Blogger Sean F said...

Not in my area it did not show the late game

8:43 PM

Blogger Sean F said...

Also adding on to my previous comment, I watched the end of Boston College vs Miami game on ESPN that night, so the KC vs Denver game could not have been on

11:15 AM


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