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Monday, December 04, 2006


The BCS or Bullcrap selection system is the what the BCS stands for. Michigan is not going to Title game because they have not played in two weeks and Florida is going because they squeaked by FSU and had to pull all the stop to beat Arkansas. Michigan should not be at fault because the Big TEN does not have a title game! Florida coach Urban Meyer petitioned the coaches in the polls to vote for his team, who played a DII school three weeks ago. THEY PLAYED A DII that late in the season and they go to the BCS title game seems ludricous to me. My best friend who plays in DI program, told me that Florida played a DII team, DI teams should warm up with those games not play them that late in the season. Wisconsin played Western ILL as one of their games early games. Wisconsin beat down WIU but they were left out of the BCS and they were RANKED 9th. Double standard to me.... I think so.

Florida will get crushed by OSU and it will be a horrible game. Michigan got screwed and gets to play USC which should be a great game. UCLA made my college football weekend when they beat USC. USC is the media darling and everyone loves USC, which makes me sick(I root for ND which everyone loves or hates).

The BCS needs to go to a playoff system because of the deals they have with bowl games. The same teams play in the same bowl game every year. LSU seems to play in the Sugar every year and wouldn't you know it in New Orleans. They should have the top 8 play in a playoff system and then have bowl games for everyone else who wins 6 games.

REX Grossman is our Quarterback!
Lovie Smith made that clear with the repeatingly saying that during a press conference after the BEARS WIN! NFC north champions 2007



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