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Sunday, December 03, 2006


<------ Rex throwing another INT
Enough is enough, Rex Grossman needs to benched!!! This team is putting together a great season and possibly its best Superbowl contender since 1986, I say 1986 because the Bears did not win the superbowl that year, if Grossman continues to start and play as bad as he is, the Bears WILL NOT WIN a PLAYOFF GAME!! Don't even consider the superbowl because the Bears will not get there if Rex commits 4 turnovers a game. Everything is working well for the Bears except for Grossman who is getting worse week after week. He does not checkdown and has been missing open receivers. He forces passed into double coverage and throws it deep every chance he gets. The defense seems to save his ass by getting a INT or fumble recovery after a INT thrown by Grossman. If he struggles next time out, you have to Bench him and try Griese. If anything to see if Griese is any better, if not then you go back to Rex to fiqure it out but LOVIE has to take a chance! There is more risk to leave Rex in because he does not LEARN!
Chicago fans myself including have not had a QB to happy about since Jim McMahon.
There were flashes to get happy about Jim Miller, Erik Kramer, and now Rex Grossman. If Rex continues this trend he will be lumped into the likes of Cade Mc CLOWN, Johnthon I DON't WIN QUINN, and Henry I should sold my jersey to Kordell BURRIS. We need a change at QB whether its Griese, Orton, maybe Jim Miller is still available???
If the Bears were a bad team, let Rex fiqure it out and play through it...... but they are contenders and there needs to be a change. Bring Back the REX of the FIRST 5 games!!
Devin Hester is a beast and the Bears need to get him involved on offense with a reverse of a short pass or something. This guys needs the ball more. The defense is amazing and people who kiss the ass of the Ravens should take a look at the Bears defense. I hope someone has the mocky to Bench him or get him to fiqure it out! Maybe the Bears should start looking into drafting a QB high and going with Griese next year and let REX GO.....
We shall see


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