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Sunday, December 24, 2006

This deal does not make Cents??

Kenny Williams of the White Sox traded Freddy Garcia because of the money he was owed next season. The money was roughly 10 million dollars, the move was also supposed to make room in the White Sox starting rotation for Brandon McCarthy. Today's move shocked me when Kenny Williams traded a very cheap and young Brandon McCarthy to the Texas Rangers for three pitchers.

I thought about this deal for a minute after reading about it on The deal just did not make sense to me. I read earlier this winter that Jon Garland was being shopped and Houston had a deal in place for him. Garland is young also but more expensive than McCarthy. The deal gets weirder because McCarthy had been rumored in trades last year for Crawl Crawford and Soriano. Kenny Williams came out publicly every time and said I will not trade Brandon McCarthy. Now we flash forward to today when he traded McCarthy for three pitchers who have no major league experience and will not help the team in 2007. My thoughts are WHY???!!! Kenny are you nuts???? Why trade a known pitcher for three unknowns? I mean you trade a young cheap pitcher who can help the team next year for guys who will be ready MAYBE in a few years. This does not make sense to me.

Now I am not saying the McCarthy is Cy Young, I am just saying that is a known major league pitcher and the Soxs gave him up for three unknowns. In baseball pitching is even harder to come by especially known pitching. Look at the Cubs, they spent 61 million dollars on avareage pitchers. If you have young known pitching you should keep it. This deal could come back to haunt the Soxs if none of these guys do not turn into a McCarthy type or better.

I understand looking for the future of the organization but come on. The White Soxs won the World Series two years ago and already they are rebuilding???!!! I understand this is not like a white flag trades of the 90's, but still these deals seem bizarre. I understand how they are gonna let Dye and Crede walk, that is because of the money. This deal made today was not based on money and does not make Cents to me?

An Open tryout for the fifth spot in the Sox rotation maybe I should try out.....
Maybe not...

Sox Fans for your sake I hope Kenny knows what he is doing.


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