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Saturday, January 06, 2007

What I learned from 2006-2007College Bowl games...

The Bowl season has provided me with some answers to questions that been inside my head all during the college football season.

Question 1: Does the BCS work??

Answer: Maybe- The reason I say maybe is because Michigan was whining about not being in the BCS title game. Everyone including me took up arms from Michigan. USC proved that Michigan did not deserve a rematch.

Question 2: Was Wisconsin # 9 overrated?

Answer: NO WAY! Wisconsin beat a good Arkansas in a game that got close on the end. Wisconsin before that game had only played Michigan and a weak Iowa team during the regular season.

Question 3: Was Notre Dame overrated???

Answer: Hell YES!!! Notre Dame had no business playing LSU in the Sugar Bowl. LSU was a better all around team and they proved it in the second half. Notre Dame did play above their head in the first half but in the end LSU prevailed. Brady Quinn did not live up to hype and should have the rap of not producing in BIG games. That does not matter because Quinn will be Detroit or Oakland, both teams have not played in a BIG game in years.

Question 4: Can small conference compete with the power conferences?

Answer: Boise State!!! Boise State proved that the little guy can hang with the big boys. The Boise State, Oklahoma game was one of the best college football games EVER! Boise State plan was perfect, when Boise State faced a OSU rally, they overcame it. They used trick plays to perfection and further the cause for small schools in the BCS.
Nevada also helped small school by taking a weak Miami team to the wire losing by only 1.

Question 5: Is the Big EAST overrated?

Answer: The Big East was left for dead a few years ago when football powers VA. Tech, BC, and Miami left for the ACC. The Big East is for real, with Rutgers, West Virginia, and Louisville having great seasons and winning all three bowl games. The Big East could produce in 2008 three players in the Heisman trophy race: Steve Slaton -West VA, Ray Rice- Rutgers, and Brian Brohm- Louisville. The Big East is still a football power conference!!

Thoughts on other subjects:
Adding on to previous Blog, Randy Johnson will be shipped back to the desert for prospects and an average reliever. Good deal ARIZONA!

Goodbye Bill Cowher! Football will miss Bill Cowher and his scowl on the sidelines.

Saban leaves for Bama- good move, the dolphins regressed in his second year.

and lastly IF that was not a BRETT FAVRE retirement speech I don't know what is!!


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