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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Re-Gifting: THe Big Unit back in the Dessert?

<---------------- Randy's Return?
The New York Yankees and Arizona DiamondBacks are in "talks" to send the Big Unit, Randy Johnson back to Arizona. The DiamondBacks are struggling with attendance issues and need a superstar to bring in fans. Randy Johnson enjoyed great years in Arizona throwing a perfect game, winning 4 Cy Young awards, and a World Series Ring/ MVP. Randy has been "average"for Randy Johnson with ERA's of 3.79 and 5.00 in his two seasons in New York. He has however won 17 games both years. That being stated his last year in Arizona 2004, he went 16-14 but with an ERA of 2.60. That ERA stat is telling because the stat means Randy was very good but his team just couldn't SCORE!!!

Arizona needs to get this deal done just as much as the Yankees do. The DiamondBacks need a superstar for their team. Another reason to bring Johnson back would be to bring even more depth to their rotation. Randy does not need to be the Ace, they have Brandon Webb who is the Ace and also WON the Cy young award last year. Randy could fit in nicely with Livan Hernandez who is a horse and Doug Davis who was an All Star last year. With those four pitchers I don't think any team in the NL West can march out four better pitchers. Randy Johnson has 280 wins and if he wins 300 with Diamondbacks, they would bolster their fan base all season. Randy Johnson should then go into the hall of fame as a Diamondback. These reason benefit the Diamond backs.

The deal helps the Yankees because they can get prospects for their depleted farm system and help them get younger. Money with is never an issue with the Yankees can also be saved, Randy is due 15million dollars next season. The money saved by the Yankees could be spent elsewhere.

The benefits for Randy is to closer to home and go back to Arizona where the Fans SHOULD love him. He would win 300 close to home and add to his hall of fame resume in a place that should endure him. His number will improve, he will face 8 hitters in weaker lineups that the NL run out as opposed to the hitter heavy AL.

Can Christmas come late????


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