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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Football gods

Dear Football gods,

I have been a Bears Fan my whole life.I may have liked other teams when I was young but that was only after the Bears were knocked out of the playoffs. This Sunday, The Bears play in their second divisional playoff game in the last two years. The Bears were hear last year and GOT EMBARRESSED by Steve Smith and the Panthers. This year is hopefully will not be the case. I am not overly excited for this game but more nervous because last year I got my hopes up only to be let down. Before last years debacle it was the 2001 loss to the EAGLES at home. I have not seen a Win from the Bears in the Playoffs since 1994, I was 11 years old. the Bears need to do these things to win in my mind.

Three things need to happen for the Bears to Win:

1. Rex needs to be Good Rex!
When I say Good Rex, I mean the Rex of the first five games turnover free and throwing Touchdowns to OUR players. He does not have to be Peyton or Brady just Good Rex. Along these lines the Fan SHOULD not Boo him! Booing him only hurts his confidence and brings the team down. Remember what booing did Corey Patterson, oh yea he was run out of town. First year in Baltimore, Corey had a career year. Chicago fans hopefully learned our lesson. The Seahawks secondary is comprised of people who were working as loan officers last week, and other various people off the street. Rex has torched bad secondaries before, lets hope he does it again. Examples St. Louis, San Fran, and the Healthy Sea Hawks.

2. Pressure the Quarterback!
The Bears Defense needs to pressure Matt Hasselback! He is a rhythm QB and the Bears need to hit him hard and often! The Bears have been having trouble getting pressure and they need to force turnovers which have been lacking as of late.

3. Score on Defense or Special Teams!
The Defense needs a TD or turnover that sets one up. The defense has been lacking in producing those as of late which made our offense so much better playing on a short field. Devin Hester needs to take a kick back to Set Solider field on FIRE! If he does that the crowd will be in it the whole game.

Other key issues: Contain Alexander and the Run the ball.

Having said those thins I would like to wait... BEG the football gods for the Bears to win this game. I have not seen a playoff win since 1994. We beat the Vikings and then went on to get destroyed by San Fran. I would be SO happy if the Bears WON!!

Please football gods let the Bears win this game!!!
Please for me!!!



Blogger Sean F said...

Thank you football gods!!!!
I might ask again???

12:02 AM


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