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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bears were as good as Solid Gould!!

<---------- Last year against the Saints!

The Bears were propelled into the NFC title game by the leg of Robbie Gould.

The Bears defeated the SeaHawks today at Solider Field, the first home playoff win since 1991! The Bears played very hard and showed the heart that was lacking in last year's game. Rex was not good Rex but he was not bad Rex. He made throws when he had too and did not lose the game. He was Average Rex... which is a hell of a lot better than BAD REX! A comment that was made to me about Rex, if you he plays in the NFL. YOU LET the guy play, live with his mistakes, and just understand that sometimes the defense makes plays!!

The Defense did not play as well as excepted but they did make plays when they had too. Briggs stopped Shaun Alexander in the backfield on a key 4th down. The Bears took the ball away when they needed too and kept the Bears in the game.

Special Teams almost produced a score on Devin Hester return had it not been for Ricky Manning Jr. block in the back. A comment that was made to me was that, Ricky should have not even made that block because any kick returner should be able to beat at least one guy. Devin will make an impact on the playoffs yet.

I will enjoy this victory and I hope the Bears do for today!! Tomorrow we must focus on the Saints!

On when the Saints come marching in------------- TO CHICAGO!!!!!!


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