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Saturday, February 03, 2007


Enough, Someone decided to paste and repaste a comment from a blog when I was angry with Rex Grossman's play and wanted him benched. It was after the second vikings game. He played well the next three and I was BEHIND HIM! I did not stop supporting Rex, I merely had a laspe in faith. I get a printout of the blog and written in Red pen was circled my comments on how I wanted Rex to be Benched at the TIME!! I waivered in my support of Rex after that game but I still support him. I unlike most people who are Bears Fans do not blame Rex for every offensive problem. I do not call for Griese on every errant throw and every fumble.

I know who the the letter came from and I understand the mocking message because I made an error early in the season. Whoever keeps pasting the comments needs to WRITE down their own thoughts. I did not take back blog because that how's I felt at the time. If you notice I wrote two blogs in support of Grossman and I did not BASH him after he SUCKED against the Packers. I don't see any comments abouts me not posting about that. Everyone trashes their GUY after a bad game, if you says you don't trash your GUY after a bad game. You are lying to yourself. Read the newspapers, sports writers do this all the time!

I support Rex Grossman!!! DO YOU PEOPLE???? Honestly, I do not think so!!!


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