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Monday, January 15, 2007


When I was Junior in College, I was back at school early for Track. MLK was supposed to be our long run day. The Temperature was -3 degrees at 8am, the exact time we were going to start running. The head coach gathered us into the van, Us being all the distance runners men and women. We were doing what we called a "drop off" run. Coach would drop us off however many miles we had to run away from campus, we then had to run back. Coach dropped the girls off shorter than us. He dropped off the short guys 9miles away from campus and then dropped off My group 12 miles away from campus. IT was freezing, one guy on our team nose started bleeding on the run. It was soo cold my legs were freezing. When running most of the blood goes to your legs from your heart. Coach eventually made all of us get in the van and drove us back to campus.

I always remember that day as MLK day.


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