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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rex Grossman- the Worst Superbowl Quarterback?

Rex Grossman has gone through so much this season and the hits keep coming. This hit like so many others, did not come from the field. The New York Post stated that Rex Grossman is the worst Super Bowl Quarterback in history. This statement is referring to a Quarterback who made it to the Super Bowl and not based on his performance in the game. It can't be based on his performance in the game because he has not played in it.

First off , I would like to say that the New York Post IS WRONG!!! I could go back into past decades and pull out worse Super Bowl Candidates. I will limit my picks to the 90's because I have seen these Quarterbacks. Kerry Collins Giants in 2000, Stan Humphries Chargers 1994, Neil O'Donnell of the Steelers 1995, Chris Chandler Atlanta 1998,Ben Roethlisberger of 2005 of Steelers, QB Brad Johnson Tampa Bay 2002, and Trent Dilfer 2000 Ravens. These Quarterbacks all got to Super Bowl and were worse in the regular season than Grossman.

B. Johnson, T. Dilfer, won the Super Bowl. B. Johnson and Dilfer has great defenses that they rode to the Super Bowl. Dilfer was sooo bad that his team did not score a TD on offense for 15 quarters at 1 point. Big Ben rode his running game and his defense to the Super Bowl. Chandler had a great running game in Jamal Anderson and his dirty bird dance. Stan Humphries had Natron Means during his career year.

The NEW YORK POST, should be familiar with at least two of them Kerry Collins, who is now a backup in Tennessee, and Neil O' Donnell. Kerry Collins was run out of town and has been journeyman QB since his Super Bowl year. O'Donnell after his Superbowl year got a HUGE contract from the Jets who was a bust!

Rex Grossman is not the worst Quarterback to make to the Super Bowl...but he is by no means in the class with Joe Montana, Tom Brady, and Terry Bradshaw.

Rex Grossman is an average Super Bowl QB and for Bears Fans We will take it!


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Sean F said...

Wow.. Harsh words from some people here. I believe that Rex Grossman is going to be the reason the Bears will be 1 and done again this year. Rex play is horrible and Lovie should have followed the Vikings Move and got to the backup Griese. I have been a Rex supporter since the day we drafted him. So I'm not a bandwagon jumper, but a change at QB is needed. Grant this is Rex's first full season as a starter but he has regressed all season long. The passes to Berrian are sweet but the two losses are Rex's fault and the he is dangerously close to losing more games for us. He better sprint off the field and get in the locker room and get his shit together.
Let him think on the BENCH!!!
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