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Monday, January 22, 2007

Our Quarterback- Rex Grossman

Rex Celebrating his Touchdown pass to Bernard Berrian!

The Rex Grossman vs Griese debate should be over. REX is the BEARS Quarterback and without him at QB the Bears would not be in the SUPERBOWL. Let me say that again the BEARS would not be in the Superbowl without Rex Grossman. This weekend I heard the worst argument for why GRIESE should be QB of the Bears. The person's arguments was that GRIESE was the second leading passer in Broncos history and the leading passer in Bucs history. First off the Broncos leading passer was John Elway and Griese was after him. That does not mean anything, I COULD have been the second leading passer behind Elway because the Broncos stunk before ELWAY. The leading passer for the BUCS, the Bucs did not win a game for several years at one point. They had Quarterback like Brad Johnson, Shaun King, and Vinny T, so Griese being there leading passer wouldn't surprise me.

Grossman has more playoff wins than Griese 2-0 and has more Superbowl appearances 1-0. Grossman this year, threw more TD passes(23) than ints (20). Grossman started all 16 games the first Bears QB since Erik Kramer in 1995. That has to count for something and his first FULL HEALTHY YEAR he is 15-3 this year. Before this year, he started 8 games, 8 GAMES!!! When the Bears started Rex they were with him through his highs and his lows. The fans and the media should do the same. If you want Tom Brady or Peyton Manning root for the their teams. If you want Griese, we would be a one and done team again. Rex will make mistakes and he WILL make big plays!

The debate is over now and forever REX IS OUR GUY!!


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Sean F said...

Wow.. Harsh words from some people here. I believe that Rex Grossman is going to be the reason the Bears will be 1 and done again this year. Rex play is horrible and Lovie should have followed the Vikings Move and got to the backup Griese. I have been a Rex supporter since the day we drafted him. So I'm not a bandwagon jumper, but a change at QB is needed. Grant this is Rex's first full season as a starter but he has regressed all season long. The passes to Berrian are sweet but the two losses are Rex's fault and the he is dangerously close to losing more games for us. He better sprint off the field and get in the locker room and get his shit together.
Let him think on the BENCH!!!
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