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Monday, January 22, 2007


MOST of ESPN( the computer and Boomer) and almost every sports writer on the planet picked the New Orleans Saints to beat the Bears in the NFC TITLE GAME. Well it seems they were ALL WRONG!!! Every analyist I watched was so confident that the Bears were going to lose, they were speaking about the Bears like they were an 8-8 team who some how lucked into the NFC title game. The one guy who stands out in my mind is Meril Hodge. Meril was like the Bears can only win if they create turnovers, if they don't they will lose. He predicted a Saints Blowout like 31-14. Meril Hodge along with others were wrong for the following reasons:

1. The Bears defense was fired up!
The Bears D got tired of hearing how Bush, Brees, McCallister, and Colsten were going to own them. They played like they did in the first four games with pressure on QB and gang tackling players.

2. The Weather
The Bears practiced outside all week and the Saints were in a dome and did not get acclamated to the adverse weather conditions. It was wet slick, snowy, and cold which the Saints were not ready for. There is a reason why the Bears wanted home field advantage, was to have the support of the fans and the weather.

3. The Running Game
The Saints ran over the Eagles with the Deuce! The Saints did not even try to run on the Bears. Deuce had 6 carries for 18 yards. They had 63 rushing yards for the whole game. Shaun Alexander ran wild on the Bears and they did not expliot that. The Bears used our running back tandem to perfection. Softening up the Saints with Cedric Benson and then letting TJ slashed them for 2 TD runs

4. Turnovers
Rex and the Bears did not commit any and the Saints committed four losing three to the Bears. If you win the turnover battle you should win the game. The Saints were stripped by a fired up Bears defense who was hungry for the win.

Those are the four main reason why the Bears defeated the Saints.

the next blog will be about our Embattled Quarterback Rex Grossman


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