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Monday, February 26, 2007

Pitching Drama

The Cubs and Soxs have drama swirling around their starting rotation a week into Spring training. Mark Prior was not supposed to pitch until the second week of Cactus league games, that was yesterday. Today, the Cubs come out and say that Prior will pitch in the 5 game of the Cactus league. The Prior drama starts off early and I'm sure will be often. I just wish that he could win 15 games this year for the Cubs. Can Prior Rebound to his CY- Young form, I don't know. I just he remains healthy enough to be rotation over dead arm Wade Miller and the not-so ready youngsters. There has also been speculation that Prior was on Steroids thus leading to all his arm problems. He needs his velocity to come back along with his command. Last year, his velocity was not as high as years past. If his velocity is not back, he needs to change his way of pitching. The rotation drama begins before the games have even started.

The Soxs are not with drama after trading McCarthy and Garcia, they need a fifth starter. Auditions have starter already with the front-runner being Gavin Floyd, who hurt his ankle today at Soxs camp in Tuscon. Gavin Floyd in my eyes, should not be the front runner because he frustrated the Phillies so much that he moved them. He had a high ERA in the NL which is weaker league. Floyd is another power arm in a rotation with power arms. The 5th starter should be Charlie Haeger, who played in Triple A Charlotte. Charlie Haeger has the rare give of throwing a knuckle ball. The knuckle ball is rarely used by pitchers anymore save for Tim Wakefield and some unnamed Ranger farm hand who gave up 8 runs in one innings with it. The knuckle ball does not wear on the arm and keep his arm fresh to pitch many times.
Haeger would also be a change of pace pitcher in rotation with power arms of Contreras, Garland, and Vasquez.

That's just my idea.


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