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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This year has to be the YEAR

The Chicago White Sox were the 2005 World Series Champions. Those White Sox had the best rotation in baseball and a veteran lineup with hitters such as Crede, Dye, Konerko and pitchers such as Garland, Buehrle, and Contreras. All these players were on the 2006 roster, a 2006 roster that failed to make the playoffs.

The 2007 rosters will have almost the same roster as the 2006 team save for Brandon McCarthy and a few bench players. This team has to WIN the WORLD SERIES this season. My reasoning behind this claim is because what has transpired this off season. The free market has shot prices through the roof making players of average caliber 10 million dollar a year players.

The Soxs will not pay the crazy rates for players like Crede, Buehrle, and Dye. Kenny Williams, General Manager of the Soxs, has already told these players to explore free agency. If the Sox fail to perform, Kenny Williams could be forced to trade this players in order to maximize their value this season.

If or when these players leave the Soxs will be forced to restock their lineup with players from Triple A. The Soxs do have a very talented Triple A team, so the Sox could be in contention sooner than I think.

For all you White Sox fans this season will be the end of "window" opportunity to win another World Series. If you follow the Sox's spring training roster this year, you should follow names you might not recognize because after this season, they could in the starting lineup.


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