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Thursday, May 17, 2007

No history here

The Bulls were eliminated from the NBA playoffs, thus ending there quest to become the first team to overcome a 3-0 deficit in basketball. They were in the entire game, playing hard and hounding the Pistons. They did not have the jumper working tonight. The Bulls are left with some lingering questions. The most important of these questions is how to get to a post scorer. That is the major flaw in this Bulls Team, P.J. Brown had a great game tonight but is 38 and not the answer. Ben Wallace needs someone to compliment him in the front court and the Bulls will not make to conference finals by solely relying on the jump shot. That is why they lost the game tonight, because Kirk and Ben were cold from the outside, which is why a post scorer is needed.

The post player market will be slim. The most prominet name "out there" is Kevin Garnett. Kevin Garnett is not a free agent and is under contract. I am not holding my breath on him. If the Bulls want to win NOW, they only have one choice; make a trade. The Bulls will have to trade one of there core young players and their number 1 pick. That is the missing piece for the Bulls to take the next step in their maturation process. The Bulls will have to make choice on Ben Gordon, Noch, and Deng very soon. One of those names will have to be used in a deal to get KG or lesser Paul Gasol.

If Bulls cannot trade for a low post scorer, they will look to the deep draft at players like Roy Hibbert, and Joakim Noah. That raises another question can Hibbert, and Noah help the Bulls reach the conference finals. I FEEL that with Noah or Hibbert they will be better team, but they need a established scorer if they wish to make the conference finals next season.


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