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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm back like BIG Z

So Once again I have drifted away from my blog here only to return with great ideas.
I begin with Chicago Baseball, one team is sinking and the other is making a move. The scary thing is both teams have the same record or close to it.

The White Soxs could not hit Sand if they fell out of camel in the Sahara desert right now. When they do hit, there bullpen blows the game for them, so either way the Sox just cannot win. The Wizard of OZ (Ozzie) is not looking to good right now. His comments in the media are worse and worse everyday. Poor Dorthy(Greg Walker- the hitting coach) will not be in Kansas much longer. The one thing Soxs fan can look forward to, is who they are gonna get in deals at the trade deal line. Buerhle will be dealt along with Dye, the question is can Wheeling and dealing Kenny Williams get something good in return. Joe Crede had back surgery yesterday, but the Soxs wanted Crede to have back surgery in the off season. This is more injury to insult for the Soxs.

Meanwhile on the North Side, The Cubs have been winning more games than the Soxs as of late. The Cubs did drop a heart-breaker to the Mariners. This week will be a test for the Cubs because the Mariners have been hot and the Padres come to town next. The Padres are not a slouch, so if the Cubs are gonna make up some ground on the struggling Brewers, they need to win now. The Cubs actually would like to be a buyer at the trade deadline, and Sell J. JONES!. That guy is a bum and should be traded for a towel or batting helmet. If Jones gets traded it makes Lou's life allot easier.

Micheal Barrett is not doing himself any favors. He had another confrontation with a starting pitcher, Rich Hill. Barrett did redeem himself by hitting the game tying single. Michael then tanked a catch that would have stopped a run from scoring. The throw was from puss arm Jones.

I finally have proof that Dusty played Neifi because he liked him. Last year, when Dusty Baker was playing Neifi Perez all the time, some Cubs fans wondered if Neifi was Dusty illegitimate son. I have proof now, during a highlight on Baseball tonight. Dusty recapped a Neifi highlight and Dusty calls Neifi "his boy".

More to come soon


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