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Monday, June 25, 2007

Broom will SWEEP some SOX out of town.

First off, I would like people to mourn the death of "Shooter" Rod Beck. Rod Beck was the closer for the Cubs during their 1998 wild card season. Shooter saved 50 games that season. Shooter was with the Iowa Cubs some years back, living in a trailer and drinking beers with fans after the game. Cubs fans will always remember shooter!

The Cubs swept the White Sox for the first time in the history of inter league play. Kenny Williams states their will be changes to Sox. Now in this blog I will play Kenny Williams, making my own trades with White Sox players. I will not do anything that Kenny wouldn't do, meaning I would not sign Buerhle to a five year deal because Kenny wouldn't do it. I would do things that Kenny would do.


First off Mark Buerhle is going to be traded. It is just a question of who is going to get him.
I have read that Mark Buerhle will be traded to the Red Sox. The Red Sox will not give up Jon Lester for Buerhle, so I don't know who the White Soxs will get for Buerhle.

If I were to trade Mark Buerhle , I would trade Mark to the Mets. The reason I would trade Mark Buerhle to the Mets is because the Mets have the most to offer. The Soxs could get Lastings Milledge-outfielder and a pitcher Mike Pelfrey for Buerhle. This would be best deal for the White Soxs because Lasting and Mike both have major league experience with the Mets. They would fill one hole in outfield that Soxs have and would give them a cheap starter for their rotation. I might also look at the Tampa Bay Devils RAYS. The D-RAYS makes sense because of their need for starting pitching and their abundance of outfielders. THIS IS A LONG SHOT!

The next move that I would make is Jermaine Dye to the Angels. The reason I would make this deal is because the Angels NEED a Jermaine Dye to protect Vladimir Guerrero . The Angels have a great farm system. Howie Kendrick and Casey Kotchman's play this season proves their farm system works. The only hitch with this deal is their GM. Bill Stoneman is reluctant to part with prospects.

I might move a Jose Contreras to a contending team and get his money off the books. If you trade another starter besides Buerhle, KENNY HAS TO SIGN GARLAND. Garland will be offered another three year deal from the Sox.

Those are the major moves that I would make. I would also move AJ. Pierzynski, Scott Podsednik, Iguchi, and if someone will take anyone other than Bobby Jenks from that BULLPEN. I would take prospects from any level for all these players. I would then promote Gavin Floyd and Charlie Haeger to see if they can pitch in the majors.

Kenny Williams has a tough job ahead of him. Kenny good luck in your fire sale.


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